February 08

My Night with Reg – Alice Livingstone brings Eric Rohmer to the stage. (Theatre Review)

My Night With Reg New Theatre 5 Feb to 9 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Bob Seary An unnamed French Film followed by a housewarming dinner party where guests arrive and depart randomly forms the centerpiece of Kevin Elyot’s gently beautiful 1994 play My Night With Reg. The referenced French film with […]

February 06

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice – Working class symapthies modernised. (Theatre Review)

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice Darlinghurst Theatre Company 1 Feb – 24 Feb YOu can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto Typical of writing tropes in the 1990’s women’s battles against misogynistic behaviors need a female antagonist between the woke female and her masculine attackers. The Rise and Fall of Little Voice fits […]

February 03

Dorian Gray Naked – The sublime death of reason. (Theatre Review)

Dorian Gray Naked Popinjay Productions with Limelight on Oxford 30 Jan – 16 Feb. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley For Wilde, and other strong thinkers of his ilk like Derrida and Foucault, Western reason is identified with an oppressive and totalitarian way of life and a sociocultural imperialism in which reason […]

February 03

Intersection 2019 Arrival – the hopeful corruption of young theatre makers. (Theatre Review)

Intersection 2019: Arrival Stables Theatre ATYP@Griffin 30 Jan – 16 Feb. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Tracey Schramm Socrates, the father of all philosophers, was condemned to death on charges of “corrupting youth.” To paraphrase Socrates via Alain Badiou, corruption of youth does not involve power, sex or money. Actually, it‘s the reverse […]

January 30

Are You Listening Now? – Xavier Coy and the growing wealth divide. (Theatre Review)

Are You Listening Now? Fresh Works at 505 and Fixed Foot Productions 29 Janary – 2 Feruary 2019 You can grab your tickets here.  For those of us on the left, a desire to cause social transformation usually leads us directly to the naming of an ideological enemy. Today this is easy – the enemies […]

January 22

Love and Anger – Betty Grumble and respect for Valerie Solanas (Theatre Review)

Betty Grumble – Love and Anger 21 – 26 January 2019. You can grab your tickets here. Griffin Theatre Company Just mention the name Valerie Solanas and the internet hums with the hoards of angry men rushing to shut your mouth in the name of free speech. The S.C.U.M. Manifesto is an intentional provocation to […]

January 21

Trainspotting – Stellar production reignites the novel over the film. (Theatre Review)

Trainspotting 16-26 January 2019 Limelight on Oxford – You can grab your tickets here.  Production Shots: Emma Wright In contemporary zeitgeist, Trainspotting has come to define the generation after its characters and their relationship to the Danny Boyle film. See this exemplified in book tours Irvine Welsh makes alongside Chuck Palahniuk whose epic tome Fight […]

January 21

Counting and Cracking – The start of a new conversation (Theatre Review)

Counting and Cracking Belvoir and CoCurious Part of The Festival of Sydney, 11 January to 2 February. Then Adelaide Fetival 2 – 9 March. You can check tickets for Sydney here, and Adelaide here. Images: Brett Boardman   Part way through Act 2 of Counting and Cracking Apah (Prakash Belawadi) makes the following statement: “Two […]

January 17

In the Heights – Quick cover. (Theatre Review)

In the Heights Blue Saint Productions Sydney Opera House. You can find out more here. Images: Clare Hawley In my efforts to cover as many shows in Sydney as I can, I do not always get the chance to perform in depth analysis on each one. However, feedback is essential and it is my intention […]

January 15

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – What do we do with Oompa-Loompa’s? (Theatre Review)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Capitol Theatre January to June 2019 You can grab your tickets here. Images: Jeff Busby Issues of race plagued Roald Dhal when he first penned Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Having originally wrote Charlie as a black child, the story goes he was persuaded by his publisher to make Charlie […]