March 24

A Period Piece – Menstruation and imagination. (Theatre Review)

A Period Piece Glitterbomb Productions Old 505 Theatre 14 – 25 March You can grab your tickets here.   The idea that truth is made rather than found is a little over two hundred years old and unsurprisingly began for the Western World in Europe. The French revolution showed that an entire vocabulary of social […]

March 20

The Laden Table – A future constructed from a troubled past. (Theatre review)

The Laden Table bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre 10-25 March You can grab your tickets here Images: Natasha Narula It is said that the victors take possession of the dead. This phrase is often used to describe the political motivations of an elected person or a dictator. But does it not equally describe those […]

March 18

The Servant of Two Masters – What does theatre preserve and what does it shake off? (Theatre Review)

The Servant of Two Masters Fools in Progress and Emu Productions King Street Theatre March 14 – March 25 You can grab your tickets here. For those of us who see a lot of theatre, we have to admit that all theatrical events are dense with meaning (this can be traumatic or joyful) but they […]

March 06

The trouble with Harry – Competing narratives tousle for the right to control perspective. (Theatre Review)

The Trouble with Harry At the time of the publication of this piece, The Trouble With Harry has ceased its season at the Seymour Centre. Follow updates on any future performances here. If Pier Paolo Pasolini claimed that what is proper to cinema is the authorisation to construct a language of reality with the means […]

March 01

Vincent River – Conversation that unites us using language intended to divide us. (Theatre Review)

Vincent River Throwing Shade theatre company Factory Theatre, 21 Feb to 5 March. You can grab your tickets here.   In Philip Ridley’s Vincent River, two different (and also similar) people get together to learn something from the other. Per Philips Ridley’s writing (and in this case Andrew Langcake’s direction) neither know what they seek […]

February 24

Losing you (twice) – Mourning as theatre. (Theatre review)

Losing you (Twice)  King Street Theatre, Newtown Sydney Feb 7-17 The Butterfly Club, Flinders Lane, Melbourne Feb 21-26 You can grab your tickets here. Just as everyone dies, so all those who have not yet died, are immortal. According to Derrida, every close human interaction, particularly love affairs, friendship or family relationships, contains the sadness […]

February 21

Big Crow: Lisa Interviews Mark Langham

    Big Crow is based, loosely, on a true story. In the early 1930’s two young and destitute Londoners, Tommy and Albie, were offered a spur of the moment trip to Australia. No sooner had they landed than they were taken off to work as virtual slaves on a huge station, completely at the […]

February 20

BU121 – But, I believe this with certainty. (Theatre Review)

BU21 Outhouse theatre Company Old 505 Theatre, 8 Feb to 25 Feb You can grab your tickets here Images: Rupert Reid It was Wittgenstein who considered a mistake and certain evidence to be the same thing. It intrigued him that someone could make a mistake. His argument lay in the proposition that the statement “true or […]

February 14

The Shoehorn Sonata – History on the tellers lips. (Theatre Review)

The Shoehorn Sonata Squeaky Dog Productions. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre (782 Kingsway, Gymea, Sydney). 3-9 February 2017 (At the time of posting this review, this run is complete, but there will be more shows. To find out where, click here.)   It was Winston Churchill who said “History is written by the victors.” […]

February 01

Osama The Hero – The danger of the stupid. (Theatre Review)

Osama The Hero Tooth and Sinew in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre co. KXT from January 21 through to Feb 4 You can grab your tickets here The irony is, what defines “In-Yer-Face” theatre is its ability (or rather its desire) to defy categorisation. Simultaneous with its recognition and labelling comes its refusal of conceptualisation as […]