unnamed-4 October 16

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant – A woman is a woman is a woman is a woman. (Theatre Review)

The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant Mophead Productions and Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre 11 October to 12 Novemeber You can grab you tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley The man who can write about women is rare – not because men are incapable, but because the way women think, operate and engage with […]

dsc_7193 October 15

Cymbeline -Marriage/Fidelity/War. (Theatre Review)

Cymbeline Secret House Theatre Company The Depot Theatre 5-15 October (At the time of publishing this review, the production run is over. You can read more about it here.) The issue of female fidelity rides high in Cymbeline, exemplified in the actions of Imogen and Cymbeline’s unnamed Queen. Fallen out of favour these days, with […]

ms-14-s October 10

Marat/Sade – The inmates are running the asylum. (Theatre Review)

Marat/Sade New Theatre 5 October – 5 November 2016 You can grab your tickets here. Photos: bob Seary Jean-Paul Marat was a white Frenchman who believed passionately in society and its responsibility to the lowest of its citizens. His cry was for the poorest of the poor and his demand they only follow the laws […]

disco-pigs-78-e1452304100629 September 20

Disco Pigs – Lisa Chats with Courtney Powell. (Theatre Interview)

Disco Pigs is currently showing at The Sydney Fringe Festival It is on at PACT. You can grab tickets here.  I saw Disco Pigs earlier this year when it had a short run at The Fuse Box at The Factory Theatre. You can read my review here, but I was very impressed with Throwing Shade […]

danielle-king-in-4-minutes-12-seconds-c-rupert-reid-1 September 17

4 Minutes 12 Seconds – The theatrics of machismo. (Theatre Review)

4 minutes 12 seconds Outhouse Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre, 13 Sep – 8 Oct. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Rupert Reid. Rape culture isn’t a female problem, it isn’t a male problem, it’s a societal problem. Perpetuated by mythologies that always come back to male virility there is […]

x25e71216e-fb8e-86c1-880f07150049c579-jpg-pagespeed-ic-zchgwwpwv2 September 14

Sydney Fringe Festival 2016 – Thinking Fish. (Theatre Review)

Thinking Fish Nifty Productions PACT emerging artists studio September 13 – 17 You can grab your tickets here With all the talk about free speech, political correctness and the rise of victim mentality, an important point is being subsumed. Political correctness was never about protecting the attacked. Rather it imposed a requirement we think before […]

unnamed (1) August 22

Orpheus – The surface as fertile soil for what lies beneath. (Theatre Review)

Orpheus Lies Lies and Propoganda in association with Suspicious Woman Productions Blood Moon Theare at The World Bar 16-27 August 2016 You can grab your tickets here. If it’s a mystery as to why the character Orpheus is so important to Western culture, then it is equally a mystery as to why it has become […]

7d96ec172bc96828b630dca099fed9bb (1) August 15

Tribunal – Face to face with the deepest problem of the political left. (Theatre Review)

Tribunal Griffin Theatre in association with Powerhouse Youth Theatre This play is sold out. You can learn more about it here. The central problem for Tribunal lay not in the many beautiful layers of its presentation of the troubling stories of those marginalised by white Australia. Rather it came to light in the all-important question […]

2-269579-Main-476x357-4 August 09

A Nest Of Skunks – Lisa chats with Roger Vickery with support from James Balian (Theatre Interview)

A Nest Of Skunks is one of the surprise powerhouse contributions to the 2016 theatre calendar. An close examination of the way we relate to our immigrants, both legal and illegal, with a clever plot twist that facilitates the journey toward a deeper understanding of how it might be to live as a person forced […]

Beirut-Adrenaline7-1 July 31

Beirut Adrenalin – The political left and their failed revolution. (Theatre Review)

Beirut Adrenaline Currently Showing at The Belvoir St Theatre From July 27 to August 14. You can grab your tickets here. The left wing thinker lives in perilous times, for we are forced to examine the futility of our reasoning and the power fear can provoke for those who wield it willy nilly. Traditionally champions […]