June 05

The Ham Funeral – Theatre as the ruin of discursivity. (Theatre Review)

The Ham Funeral Siren Theatre Company and Griffin Independent 17 May to 10 June Griffin Theatre You can grab your tickets here. The dramatic death of Mr Lusty and the ensuing ham funeral in his honour should have heralded the departure for Australian culture from our mouldy, illicit landlord England, toward a celebrated separateness. Instead […]

April 29

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo – Theatre in layers over time. (Theatre Review)

Bengal Tiger At the Baghdad Zoo Mad March Hare Theatre Company and Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre 2 April to 6 May You can grab your tickets here. Image credits: Kate Williams Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo occurs in various shades of night, for the war in which this play is set […]

April 27

Sex Object – Conceeding nothing to the spirit of finitude. (Theatre review)

Sex Object Jack Rabbit Theatre The Depot Theatre 19 – 29 April 2017 You can grab your tickets here. Image credits: Omnes Photography It was Nietzsche who argued that motives for certain types of morality stand in antithesis to its principle. Examples of these types of morality include industriousness, obedience, chastity, piety and justness. His […]

April 14

Trade – What is money rather than what makes money. (Theatre review)

Trade Hurrah Hurrah Theatre Company at The old 505 Theatre April 4-15 2017. You can grab your tickets here. The difference of opinion in today’s political landscape is measured not by whether you are for or against capitalism, but by how you are for capitalism. It has long been my contention that liberals need to […]

April 12

Ellie, Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) – Theatre with a heart and a brain. (Theatre review)

Ellie, Abbie (& Ellie’s dead Aunt) The Depot Theatre and Feet First Ventures 29 March to 8 April. At the time of publishing this review, this production has stopped running at The Depot Theatre. You can find out more about future productions here.  The distrust imposed upon females over their choice of art and literature […]

April 03

Consensual – Young adults in pursuit of freedom. (Theatre Review)

Consensual New Theatre Newtown 14 March to 15 April You can grab your tickets here Photos Bob Seary When considering the play Consensual, it is important to remember Evan Placey wrote it for older teens still at school. Therefore, it is an adults conceit to imagine Consensual is attempting to apportion censure on either of […]

March 24

A Period Piece – Menstruation and imagination. (Theatre Review)

A Period Piece Glitterbomb Productions Old 505 Theatre 14 – 25 March You can grab your tickets here.   The idea that truth is made rather than found is a little over two hundred years old and unsurprisingly began for the Western World in Europe. The French revolution showed that an entire vocabulary of social […]

March 20

The Laden Table – A future constructed from a troubled past. (Theatre review)

The Laden Table bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company Kings Cross Theatre 10-25 March You can grab your tickets here Images: Natasha Narula It is said that the victors take possession of the dead. This phrase is often used to describe the political motivations of an elected person or a dictator. But does it not equally describe those […]

March 18

The Servant of Two Masters – What does theatre preserve and what does it shake off? (Theatre Review)

The Servant of Two Masters Fools in Progress and Emu Productions King Street Theatre March 14 – March 25 You can grab your tickets here. For those of us who see a lot of theatre, we have to admit that all theatrical events are dense with meaning (this can be traumatic or joyful) but they […]

March 06

The trouble with Harry – Competing narratives tousle for the right to control perspective. (Theatre Review)

The Trouble with Harry At the time of the publication of this piece, The Trouble With Harry has ceased its season at the Seymour Centre. Follow updates on any future performances here. If Pier Paolo Pasolini claimed that what is proper to cinema is the authorisation to construct a language of reality with the means […]