July 21

This much is True – Hearkening back to a restricted discourse. (Theatre review)

This Much is True Red line Productions 12 Julyy – 12 August The Old Fitz You can grab your tickets here In world obsessed with the “limitations” of so called political correctness, it is a sophisticated pleasure to toddle along to Louis Nowra’s play This Much IS True for a reminder of how restricted speech […]

July 15

FRONT – Is it ever about the music? (Theatre Review)

FRONT The Depot Theatre with Jack Rabbit Theatre From 28 June to 15 July 2017 You can grab your tickets thought Tickets Tonight here.   My partner has a saying: Seek forgiveness and not permission. It’s formally attributed to Rear Admiral Grace Hopper who was forced to live by it, but it has long been […]

July 14

Before Lysistrata – Power to the People (theatre Review)

Before Lysistrata Montague basement Currently showing KXT from 10 July to 22 July You can grab your tickets here Ironically, it was the success of Donald Trump that brought to light a previously hidden kind of absurdity to the discourse of consensus. Before his election win, enlightened reason existed as the great arbiter, the great […]

June 29

I am on Radio National Today

Good morning! For those of you keen on the amazing Clarice Lispector, I am talking about her on Radio National today. The program is Books and Arts and I am part of the monthly Latin American book club. You can read up here. I have also bumped the posts I’ve done (many moons ago) on […]

June 28

Água Viva – Clarice Lispector and reading the invisable text. (Book Review)

The journey one takes toward Clarice Lispector has a great deal to do with the way she is read. I came to her through Helene Cixous, and therefore she (CL) has become inseparable from me, as I experiment with my reading of her, paying almost as much attention to my internal carry-on-chorus that wobbles along […]

June 28

The Hour of the Star: Clarice Lispector speaks on life, death and the question ‘Who am I?’

  Everything in the world began with a yes.  One molecule said yes to another molecule and life was born. But before prehistory there was the prehistory of prehistory and there was the never and there was the yes.  It was ever so.  I do not know why, but I do know the universe never […]

June 17

On Clarice Lispector and breath. (Article)

“I am so mysterious that even I don’t understand myself.” CL I am currently reading Agua Viva by the great Clarice Lispector, translated by Stefan Tobler. There are lamentably few of Lispectors works translated into English – hopefully this will change as her popularity here increases as in her native Brazil. I’ll review Auga Viva […]

June 05

The Ham Funeral – Theatre as the ruin of discursivity. (Theatre Review)

The Ham Funeral Siren Theatre Company and Griffin Independent 17 May to 10 June Griffin Theatre You can grab your tickets here. The dramatic death of Mr Lusty and the ensuing ham funeral in his honour should have heralded the departure for Australian culture from our mouldy, illicit landlord England, toward a celebrated separateness. Instead […]

April 29

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo – Theatre in layers over time. (Theatre Review)

Bengal Tiger At the Baghdad Zoo Mad March Hare Theatre Company and Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre 2 April to 6 May You can grab your tickets here. Image credits: Kate Williams Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo occurs in various shades of night, for the war in which this play is set […]

April 27

Sex Object – Conceeding nothing to the spirit of finitude. (Theatre review)

Sex Object Jack Rabbit Theatre The Depot Theatre 19 – 29 April 2017 You can grab your tickets here. Image credits: Omnes Photography It was Nietzsche who argued that motives for certain types of morality stand in antithesis to its principle. Examples of these types of morality include industriousness, obedience, chastity, piety and justness. His […]