unnamed (1) August 22

Orpheus – The surface as fertile soil for what lies beneath. (Theatre Review)

Orpheus Lies Lies and Propoganda in association with Suspicious Woman Productions Blood Moon Theare at The World Bar 16-27 August 2016 You can grab your tickets here. If it’s a mystery as to why the character Orpheus is so important to Western culture, then it is equally a mystery as to why it has become […]

7d96ec172bc96828b630dca099fed9bb (1) August 15

Tribunal – Face to face with the deepest problem of the political left. (Theatre Review)

Tribunal Griffin Theatre in association with Powerhouse Youth Theatre This play is sold out. You can learn more about it here. The central problem for Tribunal lay not in the many beautiful layers of its presentation of the troubling stories of those marginalised by white Australia. Rather it came to light in the all-important question […]

2-269579-Main-476x357-4 August 09

A Nest Of Skunks – Lisa chats with Roger Vickery with support from James Balian (Theatre Interview)

A Nest Of Skunks is one of the surprise powerhouse contributions to the 2016 theatre calendar. An close examination of the way we relate to our immigrants, both legal and illegal, with a clever plot twist that facilitates the journey toward a deeper understanding of how it might be to live as a person forced […]

Beirut-Adrenaline7-1 July 31

Beirut Adrenalin – The political left and their failed revolution. (Theatre Review)

Beirut Adrenaline Currently Showing at The Belvoir St Theatre From July 27 to August 14. You can grab your tickets here. The left wing thinker lives in perilous times, for we are forced to examine the futility of our reasoning and the power fear can provoke for those who wield it willy nilly. Traditionally champions […]

1d9b41d9a843c05c08fe70c057995003 July 28

Cristina in the Cupboard – the point and purpose of the parable. (Theatre review)

Cristina in the Cupboard The Depot Theatre from 13 – 30 July. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Katy Green Loughrey Cristina In the Cupboard is a piece of magic realism written by one of Australia’s best contemporary playwrights, Paul Gilchrist. It is a complex work that examines both the process of exploring […]

6a19de52-d83d-4b4e-9a4d-f8bede19d99a July 23

Low Level Panic – Women under oppression from the male gaze. (Theatre Review)

Low Level Panic Thread Entertainment in association with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre from 12 July to 12 August. You can grab your tickets here Images: Julia Robertson When I’m confronted with a friend who despises political correctness, my first move is to agree wholeheartedly! I claim that the worst form of political correctness […]

Resolution-WEB July 22

Resolution – Lisa chat’s with Luke Holmes (Theatre interview)

Resolution is the new production from the Brave New Word Theatre Company, who are dedicated to bringing new Australian works to the stage. The importance of local writing for theatre can’t be underestimated and we all must hold a special place in our hearts for the theatre companies devoted to nourishing and displaying the enormous […]

broken_webprodpage_660x340 July 21

Broken – Lisa chat’s with Mary Anne Butler (Theatre interview)

  Broken is the next exciting play for the Darlinghurst Theatre Company and one for which we have been eagerly awaiting. Winner of the 2016 drama prize at the Victorian literary awards, subsequently going on to win the Literature Prize and being the first play to do so makes this a must for the 2016 […]

Beirut-Adrenaline-WEBL July 20

Beirut Adrenaline – Lisa Chats with Anna Jahjah. (Theatre interview)

Beirut Adrenaline starts at Belvoir downstairs on July 27. It is directed by Anah Jahjah and presented by Théâtre Excentrique as part of their committment to bringing thrilling theatre to Sydney stages that encourages us to examine opposites see the world around us from a variety of perspectives. Beirut Adrenaline will be staged in English for […]

749dcb9c-50e9-41f6-a647-0fde72006f5c July 17

Proof – The mythology of genius (Theatre Review)

Proof Freefall Productions in association with New Theatre New Theatre 14 – 30 July You can grab your tickets here Images by Michael Snow What we know of genius remains a triumph of mythology over science despite many hours and dollars being spent in research via multiple fields. Abounding myths regarding genius are immortalized in […]


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