Nikon D3200 vs Canon T5 – Which is Better for You?

Photographs only look good when they are crisp and vivid, and all the objects in them have a significant role in the subject of the picture. To get the best possible image, the lighting and angles can be changed so that the best shadow contour is achieved by the photographer. Such factors can be externally changed and arranged in all possible combinations.

However, the only way to receive the perfect result is when the camera supports the quality. There must be some standard criteria for comparison in order to determine which tool suits a particular user the best. Watch out for the comparison, Nikon D3200 vs. Canon T5 in this guide.

Comparing The Two Models



There is an element of pixelation when images are zoomed in a lot. Pixels make up every image. Small squares known as pixels are capable of holding any color. These pixels work together to create pictures when they are combined.

Square pixels may crisply create squares and rectangles, but other forms and curves sometimes appear to be ripped apart. Therefore, the more pixels, the sharper the image will be. It will also make magnification possible in such cases.

The Canon T5 offers 18 megapixels of image resolution along with a 1080-pixel videography resolution. The frame rate offered is 30 frames per second. It is the same configuration as the Nikon D3200.

But the Nikon D3200 has to offer twenty-four megapixels of still images. Despite the video resolution being the same, the margin of difference in the still quality is what sets the Nikon D3200 apart.


The Canon T5 has a width of approximately 130 mm, a height of 100 mm, and a thickness of 98 mm. Its counterpart, Nikon D3200, has a width of 125 mm, a height of 96 mm, and a thickness of 77 mm.

The size of both cameras is more or less the same, but the thickness is where you can notice a significant change. Thickness can often come from holding the camera horizontally stable as the lens portion might tilt forward. Extra effort is required to balance it out.

The LCD screen is where the photographer can review the gallery of images he or she has clicked. It is an important facility to view what is being captured by the device. There is a minute difference in the size of the LCD screen attached in both models. The slight disparity in the size is in favor of the Nikon D3200.

Light Sensitivity

The maximum ISO level that can be achieved on the Nikon D3200 is the same as that of the Canon Rebel T5. The ISO level value is 12800. Both cameras will be able to click at the same maximum level of brightness of the subject.


The price of a digital camera often comes in the way of buyers. If someone is starting off with their career, it might seem irrational to buy a very expensive DSLR. The price of the models should not be compared to actual figures only but factor in the value they provide to their users.

The Canon T5 is priced at four hundred and forty-nine dollars. The Nikon D3200 is the more expensive digital camera of the two, being priced at five hundred and ninety-nine dollars. These prices can be variable when purchasing from different places.

Benefits Offered By Nikon D3200

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  • There are about six additional megapixels in the image resolution of Nikon. It enables the photographer to get sharper pictures with much better quality.
  • Battery life is increased by 40 shots compared to Canon.
  • Despite it being more costly, the percentage of discount offered on this model is greater than Canon.
  • Nikon has a more vivid color projection compared to Canon T5. A vivid filter will allow an individual image to appear brighter than it would have been naturally.
  • Nikon turns out to be much more useful for low-light photography as well due to the range of light offered. The range allows a higher contrast between colors and shades. It adds to the crispness of an image.
  • In the burst mode, it can capture images faster because of a higher shutter speed.
  • It also has a microphone input which its competitor lacks. A microphone can be useful, especially for film recording. The videos can be supplied with a better sound input by getting the microphone closer to the audio source.
  • The LCD has more dots which provides better guidelines for photography.

Benefits Offered by Canon T5

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  • The Canon T5 includes a more thorough overlay that provides users with descriptive and analog settings.
  • Usage of Video Stabilization is possible with this camera. Because the film was recorded automatically rather than with bare hands, this special feature gives the impression that it is more fluid.
  • The camera is significantly cheaper than the Nikon D3200. The price disparity of $150 is massive.
  • The Canon Rebel T5 was announced significantly after the Nikon D3200, which makes it a little more modern.

Final Words

A camera will always have to be judged on the basis of its features. However, price is an important consideration for everybody. The limits of a wallet must be respected; otherwise, the value that you would derive by spending an extra $150 will not be equaled.

Both Canon and Nikon are wonderful models. After a thorough understanding, it can be known that the Nikon D3200 seems to be an equivalent of the Canon Rebel T5. The choice has to be absolutely subjective. The price might make a difference in choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Nikon D3200 considered to be good enough these days?

The Nikon D3200 is still a good camera. Additional lenses can be attached to it, which can uplift the performance. The range offered is good and therefore will be beneficial at the present time.

Which model succeeded the Nikon D3200?

Nikon D3200 was succeeded by Nikon D3300 and D3400. The series continues further up to models like the Nikon D5300 and so on. The successors are better and more expensive on average.