October 07

Yen – Anna Jordan and feminine salvation. (Theatre Review)

Yen Kings Cross Theatre with New Ghosts Theatre Company 27 September to 13 October. You can grab your tickets here. In Yen, writer Anna Jordan evokes a feminine savior for two lost boys. This saviour is the same age as her charges, but advanced in maturity. Jenny (Meg Clarke) has suffered like Bobbi (Jeremy Campese) […]

October 05

Maggie Stone – White people and their white money. (Theatre Review)

Maggie Stone Darlinghurst Theatre Company 30 September – 21 October. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robert Catto In August 2001, after the Tampa affair and censure from the Norwegian Government on grounds of violation of human rights, the Australian Government introduced The Pacific Solution which saw asylum seekers detained on Nauru before entering […]

October 05

Lie with Me – Lisa chats with Liz Hobart (Theatre Interview)

  The burden placed on women to be ‘good mothers’ starts much earlier than than pregnancy and never ends. It’s an irrational pathology with its societal roots in our own desire to keep our mother ‘for us’ and a refusal to see her as anything other than the incubator and nurturer of our own magnificence. […]

October 02

TickTickBoom – Lisa chats with Melissa Lee Speyer (Theatre Interview)

I’ve known the team from Subtlenuance (Daniela Giorgi and Paul Gilchrist) for some time now, and a reoccurring subject in our (very many) late night chats has centrerd around an issue Australians seem to have with Australian writers. Even today, Australian writing is seen more as something to “encourage” as if it were good for […]

September 28

The Intervention and Good, Die Young – Sydney Fringe Festival 2018

The Intervention and Good, Die Young The Sydney Fringe Festival 25 Sep 2018 to 29 Sep 2018The Living Room, 104 Erskineville Rd Erskineville You can grab your tickets here The Intervention A presumption existed through Western thought that the human mind or consciousness is autonomous and authentic faculty with which one can interpret the world […]

September 19

Evita – An opinion sanctified by time. (Theatre Review)

Evita Opera Australia The Sydney Opera House September 18 – November 3 You can grab your tickets here. On the Fortieth anniversary of Evita the musical, perhaps the question to ask ourselves is why we want to/are celebrating this musical at all? The 1979 Andrew Lloyd Webber Tim Rice vehicle is the most commonly known […]

September 12

Eggistentialism – Sydney Fringe (Theatre)

Eggsistentenialism 2018 Sydney Fringe Festival 505 Theatre Newtown You can grab tickets here. Burdened by the oppressive cultural relationship Irish lawmakers have with the female body, the marvelous Joanne Ryan has made a road map of a show that walks us through the complex decision making an Irish female struggles with in her approach to […]

September 10

Macbeth – Pop-Up Globe reveals Shakespeare as he is meant to be. (Theatre Review)

Pop Up Globe Sydney 2018: Macbeth Entertainment Quarter Sydney From September 5 You can grab your tickets here. Macbeth is a brief yet linguistically dense tragedy of Shakespeare’s, written immediately after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the ascension of James of Scotland who was the new monarch and Shakespeare’s patron. Witches were all the […]

September 05

Macbeth – Women in a man’s world (Theatre Review)

Macbeth She Shakespeare PACT Theatre August 29 – Sept 8 You can grab your tickets here In 1991 Susan Faludi wrote what would become an essential feminist text called “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Woman.” The author argued that a media driven backlash existed in the 1980’s as an answer to important advances made […]

August 27

Mum, Me and the IED – Theatre represents simulation. (Theatre Review)

  Mum, Me and the IED Collaborations Theatre Group with The Depot Theatre From 15 August – 1 September. You can grab your tickets here. Images: James Balian In ‘On Exactitude in Science,’ Jorge Luis Borges writes a one-paragraph short story about an empire where the science of cartography becomes so exact that only a […]