Should You Tip a Photographer & How Much?

Tipping a Photographer - How Much is Enough

Photography is one of those art forms that can be greatly enhanced by great lighting and perfect framing. And, like any other profession, there are certain things that go into making a great photograph. From providing direction and feedback during the shoot to managing expectations afterward, a photographer often has a lot to do, which … Read more

5000K vs. 6500K – LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs are pretty standard everywhere as compared to other lighting types. LEDs are used in houses, offices, hospitals, growing plants, etc. But different LEDs are available in variant color temperatures. You might have heard of the common ones, i.e., 6500K, 5000K, etc. Before you choose any of them, you must know the concept … Read more

10 Steps To Decorate Room With LED Lights – Cool Lighting Tips

Led lights can be perfect illumination that can significantly affect the atmosphere of your house. You can inspire excitement, kindle love, conjure tranquillity, or create an atmosphere for a bustling workday simply by turning a light switch. Attractive LED lighting can be strategically placed to highlight valuable items, relieve shadows from recesses, or create beautiful … Read more