March 19

Merrily We Roll Along – Sondheim’s Franklin Shepard lives in each of us. (Theatre Review)

Merrily We Roll Along Little Triangle Theatre Company at The Depot Theatre 7-24 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Clare Hawley The story Merrily We Roll Along, first written by George S Kaufman in 1934 then transformed to the musical we know and love today by George Furth and Stephen Sondheim is a […]

March 17

One Way Mirror – Paul Gilchrist and the abandonment of pigenholing human nature. (Theatre Review)

One Way Mirror Produced by Subtlenuance. Blood Moon Theatre frm 14 – 24 March. You can grab your tickets here. Plays, like some other literature can be divided into two broad categories, from an audience’s perspective. Those which help us become autonomous and those which help us become less cruel. The first sort of play […]

March 16

The Wolves – Lisa chats with Jessica Arthur (Theatre Interview)

    The Wolves is currently showing at The Old Fitz theatre in Darlinghurst. You can grab your tickets here. The photograph of Brandi Chastain celebrating her penalty conversion in 1999 that sealed the Women’s World Cup for the United States over China was voted the second most iconic cover image of Sports Illustrated. Not […]

March 10

The Book of Mormon – The travelling South Park show. (Theatre Review)

The Book of Mormon The Lyric Theatre Now booking through to 2 September. You can grab your tickets here. Ok. So, I’m not a South Park fan. Never have been. I know this claim places me in grave danger of the accusation I’m missing a sense of humour, but I’m a female Gen X’er and […]

March 08

Being Dead (Don Quixote) – Theatre as simulation. (Theatre Review)

Being Dead (Don Quixote)  MKA Productions with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company The Kings Cross Theatre from 6 – 10 March You can grab your tickets here. “To dissimulate is to pretend not to have what one has. To simulate is to feign to have what one doesn’t have. One implies a presence, one an absence.” [1] […]

March 06

Shakespeare Dance Party – Lisa chats with Curly Fries (Theatre Review)

  Shakespeare Dance Party is at the Hustle and Flow Bar this Sunday 11 march from 4 PM onwards. You can grab more details here. Harold Pinter said in his 2005 Nobel Prize speech, “… The United States supported and in many cases engendered every right-wing military dictatorship in the world after the end of […]

February 26

Cage – Lisa chats with Jordan Shea (Theatre Interview)

Cage is part of the Freshworks program at The Old 505 Theatre for 2018. It is playing from 27 February to 3 March. You can grab your tickets here.  Images by Jasmin Simmons The last twelve months has seen criticism of young Western backpackers busking or selling wears on the streets in Asian countries in order […]

February 22

According To Otto – Everything hinges on a moment. (Theatre Review)

According to Otto The Depot Theatre 14 – 24 Feb. You can grab your tickets here. For Otto, a sixteen-year-old ready to come out as being gay, life is defined as, ‘that which could be different has not yet begun.[1]’Otto’s unspoken fear is that his life will become a tomb of time, never changing, only […]

February 18

Single Asian Female – Interpersonal relationships are not an island. (Theatre Review)

Single Asian Female Belvoir Street Theatre 16 Feb – 25 March. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Dan Boud Michelle Law’s very clever play, Single Asian Female begins with its title; Single. Asian. Female. For Pearl (Hsiao-Ling Tang) a newly divorced category of the population called the woman-wife, the repercussions of her service trade […]

February 12

Metamorphosis – The sensual drama of the Epic. (Theatre Review)

Metamorphosis Red Line Productions and Apocalypse Theatre Company 8 February to 10 March You can grab your tickets here. Images: Robet Catto In Dino Dimitriades interpretation of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphosis, we see incarnate Ovid’s strategies of keeping the witness (in his case The Reader, in the case of Zimmerman and Dimitriades The Audience) at once […]