October 22

A View from the Bridge – Iain Sinclair and the justification for Arthur Miller. (Theatre Review)

A View from the Bridge Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre – 18 October -25 November You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Supplied by Red Line Productions A real question exists for the serious theatre-goer as to what is happening when we see repeated texts. As a great writer friend of mine suggested […]

October 20

The Kitchen Sink – the hot and cold of kitchen sink realism. (Theatre Review)

The Kitchen Sink Ensemble Theatre 14 October – 18 November. You can grab your tickets here.  Images:  Prudence Upton The only possibility of hope in the relentlessly difficult world of playwright Tom Wells protagonist family comes through the children, which is an optimism that goes decidedly against the social realist concepts of the kitchen sink realist […]

October 18

Monopoly – Steve Hopley brings the dollar to the room. (Theatre Review)

Monopoly Hot Room Theatre Group Blood Moon Theatre, 20 and 21 October. You can grab your tickets here.  There is much fuss and carry on about interesting theatre in Sydney at the moment, but as very often happens, while we are all focused on productions with access and means to information distribution, smaller very clever […]

October 15

No End of Blame – Howard Barker’s delightful accusations against all of us. (Theatre Review)

No End of Blame Sport For Jove, Seymour Cntre 12 – 28 October, You can buy your tickets here. Images: Kate Williams. The central question Howard Barker and his protagonist struggle with in No End of Blame boils down to what art is and what is its role in our life. For Nietzsche (and most […]

October 12

Buyer and Cellar – the superficial wrestles the real in the ego state. (Theatre Review)

Buyer and Cellar Ensemble Theatre 6 October – 12 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Prudence Upton When Jonathan Tolins places Alex More at the bottom of the stairs in Barbra Streisand’s basement, a complex situation comedy occurs between a gay man and his alter ego – the representational Diva. Alex reminds us, […]

October 08

The Natural Conservatorium for Wise Women – Absurdism after the female. (Theatre Review)

The Natural Conservatorium for Wise Women Clockfire Theatre Company 3-21 October Old 505 Theatre You can grab tickets here.  Illustrations: Sunita Lewis In her beautiful program notes to The Natural Conservatorium for Wise Women, director Emily Ayoub describes, breaks down and intentionally demystifies the processional logic behind the Clockfire Theatre Companies alluring efforts in creating […]

October 07

Birdland – The power and problems of The Audience. (Theatre Review)

Birdland New Theatre 3 October – 4 November You can grab your tickets here.  A critical feature of contemporary culture is the power of The Audience to divide and differentiate the socius. Birdland by Simon Stephens is a modern-day character study of a particular celebrity, his moral corruption at the hands of fame, money and […]

October 06

I love you: A Story of Forbidden Love – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

I love you – A story of Forbidden Love At the time of writing the production is over, however you can follow Sage for more information on future productions here. When Sage Godrei writes about Armenian women defying their father and mother and running off with a young man of choice rather than the one […]

October 05

The Gloveman – Fighting the spirit of finitude. (Theatre Review)

The Gloveman Actors Anonymous at Blood Moon Theatre October 4 – 14. You can grab your tickets here.  Images: Hayden Brotchie Photography Central to the question of appearance contrasted with reality in C.J. Naylor’s The Gloveman is the character of Hugh (Chris Miller), the criminal whose world is remade regardless of his intention. In The Gloveman, […]

October 04

A Serious Business – Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

A Serious Business  Upper Crass Theatre Company, Sydney Fringe At the time of publishing this review, this performance has ended. You can find out more about future improv or other shows here.  “For the existentialists, the human being is ‘more’ than what it is: not only does the human being know that it is but, on the […]