September 01

American Beauty Shop – Subjugation of the human by the spectacle. (Theatre Review)

American Beauty Shop Some Company, and Oleg Pupovac in association with bAKEHOUSE Kings Cross theatre August 25 – September 16 You can grab your tickets here. Steel Magnolias was written by Robert Harling in 1987 and like the film made two years later, it was hailed as a feminist classic (although many of the male […]

August 31

The Show Goes On – Bernadette Robinson and her connection to the sublime. (Theatre Review)

The Show Goes On The Sydney Opera House August 25 to September 10 You can grab your tickets here.  Often, when we go to theatre, what we deem to be ‘quality’ settles upon us in the very first few moments of a show. We move toward a show, hopefully devoid of prejudices (or otherwise what […]

August 29

The Gulf – Audrey Cefaly and the distance from ourselves. (Theatre review)

The Gulf Lume Productions at Flow Studios (Flow Studios 59 Denison St Camperdown) 23 August – 5 September You can grab your tickets here.   Many of our contemporary ‘free speech’ arguments can be distilled to the idea of searching for a fundamental truth in the face of post-modernisms insistence that truth, like Neitzche’s God, […]

August 28

I’d Rather Goya robbed me of my sleep than some other son of a Bitch – Reviving the imaginary with Rodrigo Garcia. (Theatre Review)

I’d Rather Goya robbed me of my sleep than some other son of a Bitch Théâtre Excentrique at The 505 Theatre in Newtown. 22 August – 2 September You can grab your tickets here. Images: Emma Lois. If there is a way to pin down what the emblematic protagonist of Rodrigo Garcia’s I’d rather Goya robbed […]

August 27

Modern Jesus – Christopher Neels and Hegel’s destructive reason. (Theatre Review)

Modern Jesus Fledging Theatre Company and The Depot Theatre 23 August – 2 September 2017 You can grab your tickets through Depot Theatre here or Tickets Tonight here. Imagery: Liam O’Keefe The correlational dichotomy between words and deeds is an ancient theoretical problem as old as history itself. It was thought that Alexander the Great decided […]

August 25

After the Dance – Terrance Rattigan and his Joan of Arc. (Theatre Review)

After the Dance New Theatre, 9 August to 9 September You can grab your tickets here. Images: © Bob Seary Please note – this review contains spoilers By far the most interesting question in Terrance Rattigan’s After the Dance is why does Joan die? Terrance Rattigan wrote After the Dance in 1939, yet it has spiked […]

August 24

Lip Service – Helena Rubenstien and the principles of feminism. (Theatre Review)

Lip Service Ensemble Theatre, 17 August – 30 September You can grab your tickets here. Images: Prudence Upton Freud is evoked many times in Lip Service. John Misto appropriately calls forth the common problem women of Helena Rubenstein’s day suffered in their efforts to emancipate in the shadow of the great narrator. While Freud was battling […]

August 23

Rice – Of Knowledge and Mothers. (Theatre review)

Rice Griffin Theare Company 21 July – 26 August You can grab your tickets here Images: Brett Boardman “Women indeed are human beings, but they are of a lower state than men and can never attain to full equality with them.” Confucius “I should like to remind the women present here that no group, no community, […]

August 22

Dignity of Risk – Beauty in the internal dialogue. (Theatre Review)

The Dignity of Risk Shopfront’s harness ensemble and ATYP At the ATYP studio 9 August to 26 August. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Tracy Schramm It is the (anti)fashion right now, to question our perception of others. Often analysis of the problem surrounding this thought function is a presumption of unconsciousness in those […]

August 21

4:48 Psychosis – Sarah Kane and the inclusion of everything. (Theatre Review)

4:48 Psychosis Workhorse Theatre Company with Red Line Productions Tyhe Old Fitz Theatre 16 August – 9 September You can grab your tickets here Images: Andre Vasquez   It is already too late to think in terms of separate genres or subgenres of critical discourse necessarily explained and expanded in some clear-cut cultural division of labour […]