February 24

Losing you (twice) – Mourning as theatre. (Theatre review)

Losing you (Twice)  King Street Theatre, Newtown Sydney Feb 7-17 The Butterfly Club, Flinders Lane, Melbourne Feb 21-26 You can grab your tickets here. Just as everyone dies, so all those who have not yet died, are immortal. According to Derrida, every close human interaction, particularly love affairs, friendship or family relationships, contains the sadness […]

February 21

Big Crow: Lisa Interviews Mark Langham

    Big Crow is based, loosely, on a true story. In the early 1930’s two young and destitute Londoners, Tommy and Albie, were offered a spur of the moment trip to Australia. No sooner had they landed than they were taken off to work as virtual slaves on a huge station, completely at the […]

February 20

BU121 – But, I believe this with certainty. (Theatre Review)

BU21 Outhouse theatre Company Old 505 Theatre, 8 Feb to 25 Feb You can grab your tickets here Images: Rupert Reid It was Wittgenstein who considered a mistake and certain evidence to be the same thing. It intrigued him that someone could make a mistake. His argument lay in the proposition that the statement “true or […]

February 14

The Shoehorn Sonata – History on the tellers lips. (Theatre Review)

The Shoehorn Sonata Squeaky Dog Productions. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre (782 Kingsway, Gymea, Sydney). 3-9 February 2017 (At the time of posting this review, this run is complete, but there will be more shows. To find out where, click here.)   It was Winston Churchill who said “History is written by the victors.” […]

February 01

Osama The Hero – The danger of the stupid. (Theatre Review)

Osama The Hero Tooth and Sinew in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre co. KXT from January 21 through to Feb 4 You can grab your tickets here The irony is, what defines “In-Yer-Face” theatre is its ability (or rather its desire) to defy categorisation. Simultaneous with its recognition and labelling comes its refusal of conceptualisation as […]

January 24

Which Way Home – The language we use to talk to our-self. (Theatre Review)

Which Way Home Belvoir Theatre An ILBIJERRI Theatre Company production in association with Belvoir & Sydney Festival You can grab your tickets here. Control of the narrative is surely one of the most important modern battles for the developed world. We are seeing this problem exposed at its most crude with the imposition of “fake […]

January 10

Ladies In Black – Language reveals its creative beauty and stylish prison. (Theatre review)

“A clever girl is the most wonderful thing in Creation you know; you must never forget that. People expect men to be clever. They expect girls to be stupid or at least silly, which very few girls really are, but most girls oblige them by acting like it. So you just go away and be […]

December 30

Circus 1903 – The lost circus narrative captured in beauty. (Theatre Review)

Circus 1903 The Sydney Opera House Dec 18-29 2016 The Regent Theatre Melbourne Jan 3 – 12 2017 You can grab tickets for both here. The Circus has undergone so many changes and controversies over its 250 modern history, not the least of which has been the transformation of its audiences. From the pre-modern format, […]

December 09

The Taming of The Shrew – What do we do with Shakespeare now that he’s so tamed? (Theatre review)

The Taming of the Shrew Montague Basement and PACT theatre 29 November – 10 December at PACT theatre You can grab your tickets here. Image credits:  Zaina Ahmed At the time of Shakespeare, nearly all the marriages were two stage processes. First a binding domestic contract of obligation within the families and secondly a religious […]

December 09

Relatively Speaking – Speaking with each other, relatively. (Theatre review)

Relatively Speaking The Ensemble Theatre, 18 November to 14 January You can grab your tickets here Images: With its shades of Wilde’s Importance of being Earnest, Alan Ayckbourn manages to avoid the social timing of his 1965 play taking precedence over the verbal acrobatics, which marks his play as different from its inspiration. There is […]