black-mass-johnny-depp October 10

Black Mass – Deep chracterisation reveals there is no honour among theives. (Film review)

  Black Mass has been accused of unsuccessfully mimicking its predecessors such as Goodfellas. It’s a tedious and lazy comparison that again reinforces the over-hyped adulation of Scorsese and further entrenched that film in particular as the ultimate bench mark for gangster film perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Goodfellas, but it can’t defend […]

tEXpeQZa5VIVMIDVbqrKCjFeY1Z5rJDfaDQp7q2C_-4 October 07

Pygmalion – UTS Backstage reveal the power of perspective. (Theatre Review)

Pygmalion UTS backstage You can find out more about the production here. It is an all too rare thing to see post-structuralism embraced in the theatre in Sydney (we labor endlessly under the weight of Analytic philosophy here at the ass end of the world) but I am thrilled to say when it does raise […]

the-intern September 30

The Intern – Nancy Meyers on trend as usual. (Film Review)

One of my favourite cinematic moments saw Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall listening to his daughter Alex (Ashley Johnson) through a toilet door as she cries and details the problems between herself and her boyfriend. When Nick tries to leap to her rescue she cuts him off and says “He’s a total player – I […]

unnamed (17) September 28

A Steady Rain – A nightmarish confrontation with our double. (Theatre Review)

The below is more of a critical analysis of A Steady Rain than a review. It is probably best appreciated after you have seen the play. For me the play contained strong elements of psychoanalysis and its a bad habit of mine to want to indulge whenever I’m provoked. I was moved by this play, […]

unnamed (11) September 26

All the Difference – Sydney Fringe Festival (Theatre review)

All The Difference Old 505 Theatre at The Sydney Fringe Festival You can grab your tickets here According to Bertolt Brecht, the temptation to rationalise the contemporary human condition falls too easily into an association with the forces at odds with humanization. “Even those writers who are conscious of the fact that capitalism impoverishes, dehumanizes, […]

unnamed (8) September 23

Retrograde – Sydney Fringe Festival (Theatre Review)

Retrograde 107 Projects – The Sydney Fringe Festival You can grab your tickets here The inaugural show for new theatre company Sandking Collective exhibits many of the reasons I gravitate toward and tend to prefer independent theatre. Primarily its the use of intimacy and the small space to engage in the most subversive of all […]

IMG_9690 September 19

Shakespeare Tonight – Sydney Fringe Festival (Theatre Review)

Shakespeare Tonight New Theatre, Sydney Fringe Festival You can grab your tickets here. We live an a fascinating, exciting and daunting time for literature. In an age when universities are business and innovative corporations are the sources of knowledge, writers and artists must respond to the changing way we perceive the world and understand who […]

unnamed (1) September 19

Our Father who Art (Nearly) in Heaven – Nathan Finger goes Wilde. (Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre Review)

Our Father Who Art (Nearly) In Heaven Sydney fringe festival at the Seymour Centre You can grab your tickets here A combination of farce and the whodunnit genres is not normally my favourite cup of theatre tea, yet I confess, after seeing Our father Who Art (Nearly) In Heaven, I’m starting to wonder why that […]

unnamed (1) September 17

All About Medea – Montague Basement and the mystique feminine. (Theatre Review)

All About Medea Sydney Fringe Festival – 505 Theatre You can grab your tickes here.  All About Medea images by Patrick Morrow In his directors notes to All About Medea, Saro Lusty-Cavallari highlights the parallels between the transformation of Jason and Medea’s relationship in ancient Greek mythology and the contemporary complications for young heteronormative couples […]

Prosuction Stills September 10

Dark Vanilla Jungle – Sydney fringe Festival (Theatre Review)

Dark Vanilla Jungle Mad March Hare theatre Company for the Sydney Fringe Festival You can grab your tickets and more info here All images courtesy of Daina Marie Photography For Phillip Ridley civilisation is the veneer we use to protect ourselves from our ugliness, but it can be argued it is also the conversation that protects […]


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