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Song One – The music of our united isolation. (film review)

Like many films unfairly derided, if you skim the surface of Song One, and point-blank refuse to be seduced by its depths, there is plenty at which to poke a pointy critical stick. A small estranged family, already burdened by grief, are united over one member laying in a coma in hospital, by using music […]

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(extra)ordinary, (un)usual – Pete Maliki and theatre to kick back to. (Theatre Review)

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual New Theatre, Newtown Three shows Wed 13,20,27 May You can grab your tickets here. There are many reasons to go to the theatre, but perhaps the most common one is to be enthralled and entertained, with a good dose of giggle added in. It’s a cliché (and a bourgeois condescension) to state that […]

Shivered Poster Shoot May 23

Shivered – Claudia Barrie and the industrial shrug (Theatre review)

Shivered Mad March Hare Theatre Company You can Grab tickets here Theatre isn’t real, at least it isn’t as real as real life is real. One of my favourite things about theatre (besides the unsettling intimacy which overwhelms in deliciously small spaces) is the transgressive act of performance. Real people pretending, without shame, in front […]

The-House-of-Ramon-Iglesia-3-WEB May 18

The house of Ramon Iglesia – Subtle, poignant beauty at the old Fitz. (Theatre review)

The House of Ramon Iglesia Mophead Productions at The old Fitz Theatre 12 May to 6 June You can grab your tickets here. The House of Ramon Iglesia has many poignant moments, but particularly affecting is a scene when, drunk and devastated at a swindle because of his own ignorance, Ramon falls in the streets on […]

Rhymes-With-SIlence May 17

Rhymes with Silence – Sydney creatives answer the question, Why doesn’t she just leave? (Theatre review)

Rhymes with Silence 16 to 34 May, 107 Projects Redfern. You can grab your tickets here. A poignant poem sits at the end of the program for Rhymes with Silence currently playing at the 107 Projects theatre space in Redfern. It is by the great writer Kate Rotherham, who’s chilling ten minute play As a […]

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Zeroville – Lies Lies and Propoganda go a little Avant Godard. (Theatre review)

Zeroville Lies Lies and Propoganda Get more info here. Photos by Sasha Cohen As director Michael Dean states in his notes in the program to Zeroville, Stephen Hawking warned us at the end of 2015 “that the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” And yet, states Dean, to […]

Charlize-Theron--Star-of-Mad-Max-Fury-Road May 16

Mad Max Fury Road – George Miller and the feminist touch. (Film Review)

Warning: This review contains spoilers. One of the strengths of the Mad Max franchise is its undisclosed historical time frame. This is never truer than in the first Mad Max film, when an opening sequence informs us of the near future setting, but remains poignantly ambiguous, as if to declare the exasperation of existing problems. A favourite […]

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The Importance of Being Earnest – Furies Theatre and the importance of influence (Theatre Review)

The Importance of Being Earnest Furies Theatre at The Exchange Hotel Balmain May 5 to 17 – You can Grab your tickets here (be fast – this one is selling out) The double is a concept that has intrigued readers and writers for many centuries, exemplified in the Dostoyevsky novel  (of which he didn’t wholly […]

clouds-of-sils-maria-movie-photo-4 May 11

Clouds of Sils Maria – Olivier Assayas includes and subverts the male gaze. (Theatre Review)

“We are made to need other people, we have no choice, yet we don’t know how to be with them. Not safely.” (From The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant, Play by Fassbinder) To imagine Clouds Of Sils Maria is a film about aging and the way an older actress might see herself reflected in […]

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Animal/People – Brooke Robinson and our psychic shadows. (Theatre Review)

Animal/People Rock Surfers Theatre Company 29 April – 16 May – You can grab your tickets here. Animal/People has many interesting facets to its beauty – and this is a deeply beautiful production; beautiful as a sensory pleasure that gives deep satisfaction to the mind. The best kind of beauty. The lighting, the sound, the […]


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