subtlenuance February 09

The Poor Kitchen – Nostalgia and the power of observational blindness. (Theatre Review)

The Poor Kitchen Old 505 Theatre, now at 5 Eliza Newtown, 2-6 February At the time of publishing this review, the run is complete. For more info and possibly other performances, pop in here. It is the sluggish habit of most countries to use nostalgia to evoke a naivete that reduces our engagement with the present. […]

6f98e62f-fd0a-478e-ba45-80366d861ad1 January 25

Tender Napalm – Love and pain at first sight. (Theatre Review)

Tender Napalm Brevity Theatre Company and Red Line Productions Late show at The Old Fitz Theatre 19-30 Jan 2016 – You can grab your tickets here.  Contained in the breathy moments of initial desire is the heady inevitability of steady decline, claims Phillip Ridley in his two-hander Tender Napalm. And yet Tender Napalm is no […]

ae31042a-b555-4a3b-8b5a-cd5c468f0509 January 16

The Fantasticks – Trying to remember, and trying to forget. (Theatre Review)

The Fantasticks 11 – 31 January The Hayes Theatre Company You can grab your tickets here. Photo credit: Marnya Rothe There are many things to love about the Helen Dallimore directed The Fantasticks currently showing at The Hayes Theatre, that oh-so-unfashionable story about two neighbouring fathers who use reverse psychology to get their children to […]

disco-pigs-78 January 09

Disco Pigs – Throwing Shade brings fresh light. (Theatre Review)

Disco Pigs Throwing Shade Theatre Company, January 7-9 2016 The Fuse Box, The Factory Theatre. You can grab tickets here. The Fuse Box at The Factory theatre is a nice little space for the claustrophobic world of Enda Walsh’s Disco Pigs, that play that describes  and foresees the life of its two protagonists squashed into the […]

suffragette December 28

Suffragette – The overdue narrative of a female war. (Film Review)

Of all the complex and contradictory feelings I had as I was watching Suffragette, the most interesting was the revelation that the story was long overdue. I’m not the only female critic who had this experience. I’ve read of two others who experienced being bludgeoned with the observation that the story was late, and the […]

Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_1.38.59_PM.0 December 16

Star Wars: The force Awakens – Looks like we might have a female Jedi. (Film review)

Please note – there are no spoilers in this review. However, it contains a comparison between one aspect of the latest film with the first Star Wars that may be construed as a spoiler in some circumstances. Consider yourself warned. It’s almost as impossible to ignore Star Wars: The Force Awakens as it is to […]

fc60beb2-29ef-48d3-ba4f-70c8ed48abb9 December 12

They’ve Already Won – Can there be life before death? (Theatre Review)

They’ve Already Won 8-20 December 2015 Downstairs at Belvoir. You can grab your tickets here.   Wolf Bierman once wrote that, while the spiritualist question is “Is there life after death?” the materialist question is: “Is there life before death?” Are we really alive today, alive in the sense of ecstatic opening which makes life […]

Redford-truth-Poster-640x480 December 07

Truth – Truth and bias and the old journalism. (Film Review)

It is no casual thing that James Vanderbilt’s Truth casts Robert Redford as Dan Rather in its depiction of the death of the values associated with journalistic integrity. Bob Woodward himself playing the man that “was there when the news became profitable” is the ultimate symbol of the death of investigative journalism. Robert Redford played […]


Benny Time – What a Beautiful Day (Music Review)

What A Beautiful Day Benny Time Out now. You can grab a copy here.   Benny Time’s long-awaited first album – the perfect combination of early childhood educator meets established musician – is not so different from what Benny does in the course of a day working with children, using music to build bridges between adults and kids, between […]

redline November 30

Debris – Great and challenging fare late nights at the Old Fitz. (Theatre Review)

Debris Old Fitz Theatre At the time of publishing this review, the very short run for Debris is over. You can find out more about the production and if there will be repeat performances here. Fabrication, alienation, obsession and guilt are the primary feelings through which Denis Kelly feels we engage with the world around […]


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