unnamed (7) April 27

Antigone – Timelessness in our time. (Theatre Review)

Antigone Théâtre Excentrique PACT theatre from 23 April to 2 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Emma Lois Just when I was starting to despair that I was seeing too few truly exciting theatrical productions in Sydney in 2015, along comes Théâtre Excentrique’s interpretation of Antigone (pronounced ‘on-tee-gone’ when the Anouilh version is […]

KumikotheTreasureHunter1 April 27

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter – David Zellner gives us Cohen love. (SFF Film Review)

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter opens in Sydney this week, so this review has been revived. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter  is now showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can grab your tickets here. We shape our reality by our perceptions, and often our world is built around a foundational “truth” that can’t be proven “true”, […]

unnamed (2) April 24

Deathtrap – A play on a play within a play. (Theatre Review)

Deathtrap Darlinghurst Theatre Company At the Eternity Playhouse, 15Apri to 10 May, You can grab your tickets here. Images Helen White Deathtrap is a play within a play within a play on most of the things that we deem important in the play – at the superficial level at least. It throbs with clever association […]

haircuts April 22

Haircuts – Mediterranean warmth and sultry Sydney nights. (Theatre Review)

Haircuts The Greek Theatre April 15 to 26. You can grab your tickets here. Choosing to work within the many facets of our multicultural community, Con Nats has framed Haircuts around multiple narratives that serve to remind us how similar we all are under our various cultural differences. Haircuts is currently on at the really […]

unnamed April 20

Orphans – Magic realism and the hyper-surreal father. (Theatre Review)

Orphans Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre, 14 April to 9 May – You can grab tickets here. Photos – Rupert Reid One can’t question Orphans pedigree. Though it appears quaintly old-fashioned these days – perhaps even more so to a contemporary 2015 Sydney indie audience who may be more savvy than their American […]

IMG_5390 April 19

Seeing Unseen – The greatest secrets hidden in the most unlikely places. (Theatre Review)

Seeing Unseen 505 Theatre, 8 – 26 April You can grab your tickets here. The impact of technology on our lives is a theme that contemporary theatre has been grappling with. It’s difficult to describe the nature of the disjointedness we all experience in technology as it is coupled with a peculiar freedom we enjoy […]

unnamed April 19

Jerry And Tom – The character that has character. (Theatre review)

Jerry and Tom Insomniac Theatre The Exchange Hotel, 9 April to 30 April, you can grab tickets here. Photos by GiGee Photography Rick Cleveland wrote Jerry and Tom in 1998, obviously heavily under the influence of  Quentin Tarantino (whose Pulp Fiction was written a couple of years earlier) Harold Pinter and David Mamet. One can […]

rocky-horror-700x440 April 18

The Rocky Horror Show – Still the beast is feeding. (Theatre review)

The Rocky Horror Show Sydney Lyric Theatre, April to 7 June You can grab tickets here. The Rocky Horror Show boasts many spurious distinctions but one it can consistently claim over the last forty-two years is a noteworthy ability to drive a censorious wedge between the critic and the audience. This ability to call forth […]

DLDRMS_covers April 14

Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare over at The Essential. (Music review)

Check out my Doldrums review over at The Essential: A problem common to all writers facing their terrifying confrontation with the abyss is to avoid the much-needed soul soothing until after the experience’s detail has been taken down. You can’t just talk about anxiety. It must accompany you in order for it to properly infuse […]

unnamed (1) April 13

Simpson, J 202 – Genesian Theatre and the ANZAC spirit. (Theatre review)

Simpson, J. 202 Genesian Theatre 11 April – 2 May. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Grant Fraser John jack Simpson Kirkpatrick is an intriguing fellow. Posthumously used rather shamelessly as a propaganda story, the real human story, the man behind the myth is, as to be expected, much more interesting than all […]


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