sarhconnorterminator June 29

30 Years ago today – The Terminator (Film review)

I published this review in 2014 on the 30th anniversary of The Terminator. Republishing now, due to the endless rise of the sequal… Los Angeles: 2029 AD The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. […]

unnamed (1) June 27

This is not Mills and Boon – 505 Theatre’s Fresh Works (Theatre Review)

This is Not Mills And Boon Old 505 Theatre 23-28 June You can grab your tickets here. Sometimes its difficult to know if we talk about sex all the time or not at all. After all, what is sex? It has been broken down and defined by science, psychology, psychoanalysis, art, pornography, politics, law, advertising, […]

old505 June 23

Memory – 505 Theatres Fresh Works

Memory Old 505 Theatre / Fresh Works Fresh Works is currently on at The Old 505 theatre. You can grab tickets here. Interactive theatre is one of those little life experiences that can leave you with a sudden shortness of breath, grasping at your chest as your head screams “oh dear god – not me!” […]

brevity June 20

Being Norwegian – Brevity salutes those of questionable origins. (Theatre Review)

Being Norwegian Brevity theatre Company at The Old Fitz theatre 9-21 June. You can grab your tickets here.  David Greig has made a name for himself by being a prolific theatre writer from whom the themes of (anti)nationality, displacement and globalisation have emerged almost by accident. He has become a purveyor of modern themes as […]

MistermanWEB June 18

Misterman – Kate Gaul electrifies the Old Fitz Theatre. (Theatre Review)

Misterman Old Fitz Theatre 10 to 27 June. You can grab your tickets here. Something seismic happens when Kate Gaul embraces Enda Walsh. She serves up what we go to Indie Theatre for (reverent capitals intended). There is a theatrical simpatico on display that can energise a room with that skillfully woven enticement to unconditional […]

1423818269810_0570x0364_1423818283960 June 14

Eisenstein in Guanajuato – Sydney Film Festival Review

I’ve been reviewing some films for the Film Fest over at The Essential. Check out my heated adoration of Eisenstein in Guanajuato here. Unapologetically Sassure / unapologetically Greenaway! Evolving like some erotic fevered animal for words, Peter Greenaway’s latest masterpiece sees him devote screen time to his great idol Sergei Eisenstein, a man be believes set […]

Results June 14

Results – Sydney Film Festival Review

Over at The Essential I have written about the great new Andrew Bualski film Results. Check it out here. The so-called godfather of mumblecore remains true to his off-the-beaten-track aesthetic with this step toward the mainstream inResults, a rom-com with a typically Andrew Bujalski twist on the mainstream genre. Given that romantic comedy is arguably […]

unnamed June 10

Venus in Fur – Grace Barnes and broadness of perspective. (Theatre Review)

Venus in Fur has been all the rage since it’s 2010 debut, strangely tapping into a BDSM trend that has hit the main stream with a flourish. The culmination of its success is the late 2014 film adaptation by Roman Polanski that remains close to the source material and is still fresh in the mind […]

russell-brand_glamour_21apr15_pr_b_810x540 June 08

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Sydney Film Festival review

The Emperor’s New Clothes is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival, and you can grab your tickets here. What is it about these anti-capitalitst films that calls forth our ugliest bourgeoise judgements that result in a desperate search for tiny criticisms that somehow act as a stabilizer for the ‘extreme’ rhetoric exhibited? Russell Brand […]

A_Pigeon_Sat_on_a_Branch_Reflecting_on_Existence June 08

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch reflecting on Existence – Sydney Film Festival Review

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can grab your tickets here.  It is usually the simplest of themes in which we see the darkest of ourselves, but no where is this more available and more ignored than in cinema, that great art form […]


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