rose-byrne-in-neighbors December 16

Women in Film in 2014

  I wrote a comprehensive review of women and/in film for 2014 for The Essential. I’ll list part of it here, and you can check it out by following the links. Read the full article here. It’s been an interesting year for women in film, with no prizes for predicting huge improvements in the margins […]

mullets-lethal-weapon-590x350 December 16

‘Tis the Season – Die Hard and Lethal Weapon use Christmas to promote white values and the LAPD.

  I wrote an article for The Essential recently on the use of two of our most beloved cop films as positive promotion of white LA cops at the height of their notoriory. Check it out here: In 1986, the LAPD purchased a fourteen-ton armored breaching vehicle the use of which was essential to smashing […]

King O'Malley2 December 11

The Legend of King O’Malley – An Australian classic given new breath by Don’t Look Away. (Theatre Review)

The Legend of King O’Malley Seymour Centre 26 November – 13 December You can grab your tickets here. Bob Ellis is one of Australia’s best male political writers, recent problematic books not withstanding. He’s been regaling us with tales of his position of privilege and access for decades, and I confess to many hours of great […]

river (1) December 09

River – Claire Lovering and lonliness. (Theatre Review)

River Old 505 Theatre The difference between loneliness and solitude is more than choice, and it is more than circumstances. We know we can feel lonely in a crowd and we know that we can feel a overwhleming connection with everything in the universe in solitude. In her introduction to River, Claire Lovering writes a […]

carnage December 08

The God of Carnage – Twisted Tree Theatre and the pleasures of social decay. (Theatre Review)

The God of Carnage Tap Gallery Downstairs 26 November to 7 December. It has been said many times in many different ways, that what is most interesting about human beings is not what we have in common with the animals but the ways in which we are different.  Yasmina Reza seems interested in this as […]

capit December 06

Human Capital – Paolo Virzi and the layers under Human Skin. (Film Review)

Human Capital is showing at The Sydney Film Festival You can grab your tickets here. Human Capital is the title given to the result of a process by insurance assessors to estimate a victim’s net worth at the point of pay out. It’s a great term for a film about the struggles of a middle […]

Sweeney 13 December 05

Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – New Theatre and Sondheim. (Theatre Review)

Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street New Theatre 18 November – 20 December You can grab your tickets here. Stephen Sondheim has said Sweeny Todd is a tale of obsession and revenge and how vengeance can consume a person prone to it. It has also been said to be about capitalism, the tyranny […]

my-mistress-1 November 27

Articles at the Essential

Pop over to The Essential and check out what they’ve got going on. I’ve got some recently published articles there: Feature Article: Emotional Resonance The Essential asked me to write a piece about the emotional connection we have to one particular song or album and why we feel that way, and I chose Mazzy Star’s […]

harlos November 25

Belle of the Cross – Poetry in the dust and dirt of the Kings Cross homeless. (Theatre review)

Belle of the Cross The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November. You can grab tickets here. “The Lorikeets look down on us”, says Belle. “But down here are the seagulls, the pigeons and the ibis…” the streets that Belle calls her home are not for the beautiful birds who live in the high city […]

new les image November 25

The Les Robinson Stroy – The bohemian life on Sydney’s shores. (Theatre review)

The Les Robinson Story The Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November 2014 You can grab tickets here. There’s no getting around it, we need our Bohemians. The bourgeoisie need them to feed their bereft imaginations, bankers and financiers need them to hate, the tourists need them to visit, politicians need them to ignore, the […]


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