QueenBette_4 March 03

Queen Bette – The great pleasure of the bumpy night. (Theatre Review)

Queen Bette The Old 505 Theatre, 25 February to 15 March You can grab your tickets here. “When I was most unhappy I lashed out rather than whined.” Given the profound difficulties all women have in Hollywood these days, it’s very hard to understand how Bette Davis secured the success, choices and freedoms she did […]

VampireLesbiansFEAT-725x408 March 03

Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom – Don’t dream it, be it. (Theatre Review)

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom Feb 25 through to March 7, Level 4 Kings Cross Hotel Theatre You can grab your tickets here. You may wonder at a statement that claims the Sydney theatre scene really needs Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, but a quick hop up to the Level 4 theatre at the Kings Cross hotel, […]

r0_3_1200_678_w1200_h678_fmax February 28

Pope Head: The Secret Life of Francis Bacon – Brutal Truth Decay! (Theatre Review)

Pope Head – The Secret Life of Francis Bacon On at The Old Fitz Theatre from 24 feb to 6 March You can grab your tickets here It is often tempting (though less so these days) to think of ‘Reality’ as something of a surface, both concealing and transmitting unacknowledged thoughts, feelings and behaviours; not […]

FS-web-image February 26

Freshly Squeezed – Collaborative theatre that examines collaboration. (Theatre review)

Freshly Squeezed PACT Gallery – find out more here. Unfortunately I’ve had a very busy February, and where I intended to write-up Freshly Squeezed the night I attended, I missed out and therefore this marvellous show that only ran for two nights, is now gone from the PACT theatre and I will just have to […]

images February 25

A Most Violent Year – First you get the money, then you get the power, then you have a film. (Film Review)

J.C. Chandor excels at pinpointing and extending the single crucial moment that makes or breaks a psyche into powerhouse suspense film that evolves into very contemporary morality tales revolving around a chicken coming home to roost, rather than chance or the turn of a fateful card. IHowever, in each of his three films, there remains the crucial […]

unnamed (2) February 23

Piccolo Tales – A living breathing piece of Kings Cross speaks. (Theatre Review)

Piccolo Tales The Piccolo Cafe, 12 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross You can grab your tickets here. Of all the delightful places to hold a slice of mini-theatre, a cafe in Kings Cross sounds like a crazy idea, untill you walk down Roslyn street, see the chairs set up on the footpath staring directly into a […]

04-speaking-freely-pub-1 February 20

Short and Sweet Week 6 and Wildcards Week 7. (Theatre Review)

 Short and Sweet The Factory Theatre, Marrickville Through to end of March – You can buy your tickets here. Photo credits: Sylvi Soe The Factory Theatre in Marrickville is buzzing at the moment with the final two weeks of the annual Short and Sweet theatre competition. I’m lucky enough to be a part of it […]

Rosewater_2014_Cover_Poster - Copy February 19

Rosewater – Jon Stewart and that comic political touch. (Film Review)

Politics hasn’t been my thing since it started to make me so angry I couldn’t get through the day without a headache, but I confess to being excited, like all obedient left wingers, at the 2010 – 2012 Arab Spring. Even with the endless coverage it did and still receives, we know we haven’t seen […]

Feather February 17

Short and Sweet Week 7, where I put it all out there and direct. (Article)

Feather Short and Sweet Wildcards Week 7 Saturday 21 at 2.30pm, Sunday 22 at noon and Monday 23 at 7.30pm. The Fuse Box, The Factory Theatre, Marrickville. You can grab your tickets here. There are lots of interesting festivals happening in Sydney at the moment, but I have to confess my love is with Short […]

unnamed February 17

Cock – What are relationships for? (Theatre review)

Cock  Old Fitz Theatre / Red Line Productions 3 Feb to 6 March You can grab your tickets here. Feminists and the gay community have been at odds for decades over the question of nature v’s nurture. It is essential to the feminist oeuvre that women are made not born and it is equally essential […]


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