redline November 30

Debris – Great and challenging fare late nights at the Old Fitz. (Theatre Review)

Debris Old Fitz Theatre At the time of publishing this review, the very short run for Debris is over. You can find out more about the production and if there will be repeat performances here. Fabrication, alienation, obsession and guilt are the primary feelings through which Denis Kelly feels we engage with the world around […]

PHOENIX 2013 November 29

Films released in Sydney this week ending Sunday 6 December.

Well, the silly season is upon us and by silly I mean holiday blockbuster and awards seasons hitting us up for our valuable cinema dollars. I’m a little behind with the reviews this week, 99 Homes and By the Sea two films I wanted to chat about, along side an examination of whether Katniss is […]

12308576_943371552396335_6636284843648449938_n November 25

Last Drinks / Two Mouths Four Hands – fresh works and ideas in Balmain. (Theatre Review)

Last Drinks/Two Mouths Four Hands Exchange Hotel Balmain November 17 through to 26. You can grab your tickets here. Images David Hooley Immediately striking when one has the pleasure of attending Last Drinks and Two Mouths Four Hands, is the complimenting perspectives of a female and male writer. Telling is the mood and tone of […]

DSC03831 November 20

Dot Dot Dot – Fresh Sydney writing tells a tale that’s old and new. (Theatre review)

Dot dot dot The Old 505 Theatre in its new digs at 5 Eliza st Newtown Until 28 November. You can grab your tickets here. Pop culture may be venerated today, acknowledged by writers such as David Foster Wallace and given credence via cult status, but it is worth remembering the tabloid newspapers birth coincides […]

0348149e-101c-4cc1-a44a-e8db1cf07ae5 November 17

Roadkill Confidential – Mind bending theatre that evokes the wild ride. (Theatre Review)

Roadkill Confidential Lies Lies and Propaganda theatre company Kings Cross theatre, Kings Cross Hotel 11 – 28 November. You can grab your tickets here Images Emily Elise In Roadkill Confidential, moralising in all its forms, including strong characterisation, is absent. All the characters float by us. They are ephemeral creatures, existing as if they were […]

image November 15

Films released in Sydney this Week Ending 21 November.

99 Homes Will be reviweing. I have a lot to say about this interesting film. I saw the preview last week, and it has some chilling moments. Absolutely Anything Won’t be reviewing. In a very busy end of year, I won’t be able to catch this one. Like pretty much everyone, I’m a big Monty […]

CAUISw8WAAA-O9O November 12

Spectre – Another day, another Bond. (Film Review)

The whole Bond thing does have a longevity one can’t deny, but this is the first of the films that imagines humans exist around the agent with a licence to kill, beyond the fulfilment of his own reason d’être. Spectre doesn’t rescue Bond from being that talisman for a ludicrously fictionalised masculinity but it does […]

f1aac05b-e378-4422-8911-085ad2b481ed November 12

Duck Hunting – A nightmarish confrontation with our inner self. (Theatre Review)

Duck Hunting Contemporarian Theatre Company King Street Theatre from 4 Nov to 29 Nov. You can grab your tickets here. Images Toby B. Styling Craig Stephens’ crises, the axis upon which Alexandr Vampilov’s 1969 play Duck Hunting pivots, is one of language. Craig talks and talks and talks throughout the staged single day of Duck Hunting, […]

goodworks, darlinghurst theatre, photo by helen white November 11

Good Works – Ian Sinclair engages a deep connection with Nick Enright. (Theatre Review)

Good Works The Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Eternity Theatre 31 October – 29 November – You can grab your tickets here Images Helen White “There’s no such thing as character, only behaviour” Existentialism and religion have always been the kinds of enemies that occasionally like to sleep with each other. While 60’s existentialism, as exemplified by […]

He Named Me Malala November 08

Films released in Sydney this week ending 14 November

He Named me Malala Will try to review. I’m not sure about this one. While it is subject matter that appeals to me, my internal radar is going off the spectrum with warnings over the trailer. Super important subject, so I’d like to check it out, and I did like An Inconvenient Truth. Could be […]


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