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  My blog has been pretty quiet lately. For those of you who don’t know, my day job is in accounting and this time of year is a total punish for me. It all starts mid June and each year seems to stretch on a little longer. I’m racing to complete all my accounting obligations […]

unnamed August 12

Flame Peas – The glamerous road to the Aussie Leagues Club exposed. (Theatre Review)

Flame Peas Old Fitz Theatre, late show season, 4-15 August. You can grab your tickets here. Photo Credits:  Dominic Lorrimer Right from the start, the late night shows at The Old Fitz theatre have been a great idea, and one of the gems in the Red Line Productions programming that keeps the space “real” and […]

unnamed (6) August 12

Theatre I missed – Grace: Pulse Group Theatre Company. (Theatre Review)

A lot is happening in 2015. The omnipresent “day job” has kicked into high gear, and my own creative fiction writing is struggling to meet its many demands. As such, my reviewing has fallen behind. However there have been theatre, music, books and films I feel compelled to write about, even if my dates are off. […]

last-cabimage August 09

Last Cab to Darwin – What is it to live the fulfilled, examined life? (Film Review)

Last Cab To Darwin is pure triumph of the mcguffin, the made-famous-by-Hitchcock device where an object, goal or desired place is deemed to be the focus of a heroic journey, but reveals itself to be nothing other than the distraction against which a narratives primary purpose is posited. The significance of technique used in a […]

DTC_Detroit_SeymourEDM_940x5281 August 05

Detroit – Who are our neighbours and how do we speak to them? (Theatre review)

Detroit Darlinghurst Theatre Company 17 July – 16 August You can grab your tickets here Images my Gez Xavier Mansfield Seeing Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit performed in 2015 in a city that is so affluent our major concern is how every citizen can afford to buy a house and realise the dream of the outdoor room, […]

blonde-poison-2015-old-fitz-marketing-shot-feat-belinda-giblin August 03

Blonde Poison – Stream of Consciousness and acting on behalf of the Government. (Theatre Review)

Blonde Poison Adam Liberman in association with Red Line Productions Old Fitz Theatre 28 July to 15 August 2015 You can grab your tickets here. Blonde Poison is an interesting play to be showing to Sydney audiences in 2015. While it is most certainly a holocaust story, it is more importantly the story of an […]

71-movie July 28

’71 – The eerie nature of the suburbs as a war zone. (Film review)

’71 Came out on DVD in Australia last Thursday. There is an uncomfortable appeal smouldering beneath films about conflict set in suburbia within the “United Kingdom.” It comes to the fore in ’71, the film about a young British soldier whose naiveté is swept away one remarkable night when the very physical conflict of a pitched […]

Production 2 July 20

Edmond – David Mamet rescued by Glen Hamilton and Two Peas. (Theatre Review)

Edmond Old 505 Theatre from July 15 to July 26 You can grab your tickets here. Images: Lee Nutter Every fear hides a wish. Ok! In the interest of full disclosure, I need to confess to three things first up: 1. I loathe David Mamet, 2. I adore Two Peas, and three, I’ve had a […]

19735070386_aaebca8ed9_z July 20

The Cherry Orchard – An old play about transition in a new theatre space. (Theatre review)

The Cherry Orchard 15 July through to 1 August The Depot Theatre You can grab your tickets here. Images by Katy Green Loughrey Ironically, the current manifestation of The Cherry Orchard, Chekhov’s last and arguably greatest play about the decaying end of a House and an era, is the inaugural play in a brand new […]

unnamed (3) July 14

The Ishmael Club – Arts funding and the question of excellence. (Theatre Review)

The Ishmael Club The Old Fitz theatre from July 7 to 18 You can grab your tickets here Can I just say first up, how wonderfully appealing it was to see an Australian play that had an equal number of female performers to males? I get tired of bleating on about it as I write […]


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