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On a writing break

  Hello lovely readers! I’m working to a rather daunting deadline just at the moment and am not attending to other things. This blog among them. I don’t like “apology for not posting” posts, so I will instead say, expect me back next week. Monday if i am on track, Wednesday if I am way […]

Short Film – Homecoming. (C’me on! We’ve ALL been there)

I have nothing to add.  This short film says it all. Ben Thatcher is my brother. You can see more of his short films and / or listen to his latest music here.

Martin Denny – Exotic Moog: Exotica in a quiet village.

  It’s Friday night here. Its been a big week.  It’s Samuel Becketts birthday and I’ve been reading him even more than usual. I’m tired. I want Martin Denny Exotic Moog. One of my favourite down time discs! Enjoy. From Decrepit Tapes: Exotic Moog is the glittering grail for both Martin Denny collectors and Moog […]