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March 01

Coup de torchon (Clean Slate) – Bertrand Tavernier and the dark comic side of French Colonialism. (film review)

Hot on the heels of my watching Dead Man, I saw Coup de Torchon.  Where Jarmusch depicts a savage landscape shaping and creating its previously half dead inhabitants, Bertrand Tavernier gives us a very dark show of law men plonked in French occupied Senegal just before the outbreak of world war two.  These films have […]

February 28

Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch, William Blake and the death of America. (film review)

Some are born to sweet delight, some are borne to endless night. William Blake In 1793, William Blake wrote America a Prophesy which amounts to a kind of formula for revolution. One of the subplots of the work is oppression of the mind – what we might call ‘unconsciousness’ in pop terminology today. Blake had […]