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February 23

I heart Huckabees – David O. Russell and what happens in the meadow at dusk. (Film review)

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog (have I told you lately that I love you?) that I heart Huckabees is not only my favorite David O. Russell film, but its one of my favorite films to watch and enjoy – perhaps it’s not completely convincing in its approach and […]

February 18

Three Kings – David O. Russell’s anti-anti-war film. (Film Review)

Continuing with the ideas that so evidently interested David O. Russell in his first two films, he moves into his third with an altogether different take on the theory and idea of the Lacanian Big Other, although still retaining it as an important motivator. Three Kings is based on a script written earlier by comedian John Ridley, […]

February 17

Flirting with Disaster – David O. Russell and the sexual enormity of our parents. (Film Review)

There is a general idea that David O. Russell is the master of that 90’s indie aesthetic, character driven, quirky-screwball-laced-with-heart films that go a little deeper into clichés, usually by subverting them. They’ve almost developed into their own mini art-house genre now and American Hustle does see Russell distance himself from the idea more and use depth, not […]

December 13

American Hustle – David O’Russell exceesds expectations. (Film Review)

It’s difficult to pin down what is particularly brilliant about American Hustle, except to say that the layers will be revealed in greater depth in future years; it is one of the most perfectly cast films you will ever see; and it stems largely from a transformation of a certain genre it seeks to subvert […]