The Venetian Twins – An Australian take on an Italian Classic. (Theatre review)
Into the Mirror – Shelly Wall makes us look deeper into what appears to be there. (Theatre Review)
Great Expectations (theatre review) – Bakehouse lives up to the perils of ambition
Savage in Limbo – John Patrick Shanley and Workhorse Theatre company ask should I stay or should I go?
The Knowledge – Pantsguys and John Donnelly reveal a tougher side of life.
Pearls Before Swine – An Evening with Orson Welles. (Sydney Fringe Festival)
Dogs Barking – Pantsguys do Richard Zajdlic and bring in-yer-face to Fringe. (Sydney Fringe Festival)
Here Lies Henry: Jason Langley and Matthew Hyde do Daniel MacIvor (Sydney Fringe Festival)
Room – Peter Malicki locks us all up and asks the hard questions. (Sydney Fringe Festival)
The Day the Galaxy Inevitably Exploded and Died – Ildiko Susany explores what’s left when nothings left.(Sydney Fringe Festival)
Jack Killed Jack – Thomas De Angelis writes for his contemporaries (Sydney Fringe Festival)
Romeo and Juliet – Stephen Wallace brings something old to brilliant life. (Theatre Review)
The Merchant of Venice – Steven Hopley and Shakespearean word games. (Theatre review)
Friday – Daniela Giorgi and the tragic giggle that is politics in a democracy. (theatre review)
Equus – Peter Shaffer 40 years on. (theatre review – Sydney Fringe Festival)
The Light Box – Natalia Savvides and James Dalton balance us on the thin line between the real and the unreal. (theatre review)
Dangerous Corner – Peter Lavelle brings JB Priestly into the future. (Theatre Review)
Top Girls – Alice Livingstone and Caryl Churchill and the real dilemma facing modern women. (Theatre review)
The Twelfth Dawn – Time, Pain and insomnia from the 505 Theatre founders. (Theatre Review)
Haus – Dimitri Armatas and the tragedy of cultural identity. (Theatre Review)
Rocket Man – Paul Gilchrist, Subtlenuance and the enormity of our stories. (Theatre Review)
Shopping and Fucking – Mark Ravenhill is facelifted by Alan Chambers. (Theatre Review)
No Exit – Celine Oudin and John Paul Sartre and the problem of the gaze. (theatre review)
Helter Skelter – Jonathan Wald and the tragedies of Neil LaBute. (Theatre review)
Body Language – Luke Holmes and the problems of connection. (Theatre Review)
Enron – Louise Fischer and the tragedy of the smartest guys in the room. (Theatre review)
The Removalists – Leland Kean asks us to examine how much has changed. (Theatre Review)
Richard the 3rd (or almost) – Timothy Daly brought to life by Markus Weber and the King Street Theatre. (theatre review)
A Butcher of Distinction – James Dalton directs Rob Hayes’ question of violence ‘out there’ or ‘in here’. (Theatre Review)
The Ham Funeral – Phillip Rouse gives a new spin on Patrick White. (Theatre Review)
The Political Hearts of Children – Subtlenuance and the complex relationship with the child we were. (theatre review)
Trapped in Mykonos – Gravas Productions start with a Greek bang. (theatre review)
The Credeaux Canvas – Sure Foot Productions does Keith Bunin. (theatre review)
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Simon Stone takes the South out of Tennessee Williams. (theatre review)
Milk Milk Lemonade – Josh Conkel and the complex adult world of children. (theatre review)