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May 26

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual – Pete Malicki and theatre to kick back to. (Theatre Review)

(extra)ordinary, (un)usual New Theatre, Newtown Three shows Wed 13,20,27 May You can grab your tickets here. There are many reasons to go to the theatre, but perhaps the most common one is to be enthralled and entertained, with a good dose of giggle added in. It’s a cliché (and a bourgeois condescension) to state that […]

December 08

The God of Carnage – Twisted Tree Theatre and the pleasures of social decay. (Theatre Review)

The God of Carnage Tap Gallery Downstairs 26 November to 7 December. It has been said many times in many different ways, that what is most interesting about human beings is not what we have in common with the animals but the ways in which we are different.  Yasmina Reza seems interested in this as […]

June 09

Brad Checked In – Paula Noble and the price of on-line love. (Theatre Review)

Brad Checked In  Old Fitzroy Theatre 3 – 21 June You can grab your tickets here Images used in this post are by Katy Green Loughrey I used to be a social media hound and then one day I turned it all off, and I’ve worn that moment of power like a badge of honour […]