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November 16

In Box Drops – Music and stuff that’s landed on me this week.

Check out some of the stuff that’s landed this week: Kail Baxley Anyone who reads this blog knows country’s not my thang, but when I like it I really like it. Kail Baxley has a pretty new album out Feb 5 that will be a double for lucky us.  Check this out.  Its pretty, no? […]

American Weekend : Waxahatchee – the dark night of the soul in song.

There is something awkward about women singing tales of failed love. When a man does it we immediately imagine him swamped by strings of adoring female groupies now, because his album is a huge hit. We giggle behind our hand at that stupid woman who let him go – just before he hit the big […]


The strength of Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes’ exceptional debut album, “No. 2” caught the attention of Philips Records, who quickly signed the group in 1971. For the next nine years Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes would wind up producing a total seven albums for the label, with an additional two solo albums by Ribeiro essaying the songs of Edith Piaf […]

I’m going to see Cathedral tonight – My first ever metal concert!

I was introduced to Metal around a year and a half ago now, and I decided it was time to brave my first ever metal concert. I am a total newbie, so I will be taking all those prejudices and outsider fears with me, in the firm hope of having them debunked. I do know […]

At Last: Farewell Etta James.

Legendary singer Etta James died last night at the age of 73 of Leukemia. Etta James (born Jamesetta Hawkins in LA) started singing gospel in churches and on radio stations at the tender age of five. her solo career was launched in the mid 1950’s with hits like Good Rockin Daddy. (apologies for the scuzzy […]