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April 16

Beneath our Armour – Peter Bakowski peels away the layers. (poetry review)

“I’m in my twenty-first year of writing poetry, and I just want to write poetry till the day I die,” Bakowski replied. That line, taken from an interview with Peter Bakowski that you can read here, was spoken by him in October 2004.  Nearly ten years later, Bakowski is still writing poetry, still making every […]

April 10

An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow – Les Murray (Poetry article)

(Rainbow image taken from Princess Farhana Blog) I’ve been reading quite a bit of poetry lately – particularly a beautiful book of poetry by Peter Bakowski (review to follow)  – and I got bitten by the Aussie poetry bug. I haven’t had such a love-bug-bite for a while, so I did a stroll around and […]

Introduction to a Magazine called “Henry” – and a call for Submissions.

“HENRY” is a new bi-yearly magazine in Le Zaporogue’s free press collection. It is a magazine about literature, arts, music, philosophy and those who make it by those who make it, in other words, writers, artists, musicians and philosophers. It will be a heartfelt magazine about passion and creation, far from the traditional academic literary […]

On a writing break

  Hello lovely readers! I’m working to a rather daunting deadline just at the moment and am not attending to other things. This blog among them. I don’t like “apology for not posting” posts, so I will instead say, expect me back next week. Monday if i am on track, Wednesday if I am way […]

Announcing changes to the Lisa Thatcher Blog

Good morning my lovely readers. This is a post to let you know there will be some changes to the blog from today forward. I want to thank everyone for your encouraging readership. In terms of daily hit statistics and people signing up, the blog has been a great success in my little world.  Many […]

Getting In League with the Humans

In 1977 something very exciting happened. Two young dudes – Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh were working on one of those youth arts projects (Meatwhsitle – a prime feeder of Fringe festivals from what I can gather)  as computer operators and … they met. A mutual love of avant guard music and being interested […]

On Being a Good Reader.

I am a good reader. I say I am a good reader, not because I read a lot. I did complete a speed reading course.  I can speed read something, get “a deep gist”, say I’ve read it and understand that to be the case. I read plenty of books and articles this way, and […]

Mouchette: The Muses never talk to each other, but sometimes they dance.

“For me the order and position of characters and the framing of the shot are the essence of cinema. They’re much more important than simple dramatic action which is only revealed through the form the shot takes. In cinema what matters is the form, and this must be given priority.”  Robert Bresson And so Mouchette begins with […]