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November 19

Is Genre Fiction Art? Pt 2: The difference between genre and literary fiction. (Article)

This is a multiple part article. For the first part, which serves as a brief introduction, please go here. In the first part of his discussion, I posed the central question: Is genre fiction art? I mentioned a lot of different points, splattered around as if I had paint-gunned my thoughts onto the blog page. In this […]

November 14

Is Genre fiction art? Pt 1: Why do so many of us want to write? (Article)

  More than ever before, if a person wants to write a book, they can. The changes to publishing brought about by the digital age are something we are constantly discussing. We have seen these changes affect film and music before writing, but one of the differences between the previous artistic mediums and writing is: 1. Everyone thinks they can write […]