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May 07

The Double – Richard Ayoade and the Dostoevsky Dystopia. (Film Review)

So here we arrive at Richard Ayoade’s second feature film, The Double, a take on the much admired novella by Dostoyevsky. The Double remains fairly close to the original writers narrative plot. For many reasons this is film belongs to Jesse Eisenberg and art director David Crank with Eisenberg coming off as more complex than […]

February 07

My American Uncle – Alain Resnais and the thing that drives us. (Film Review)

My American Uncle is a metaphor for the happiness we all hope comes out of no where for no reason that we as human creatures for some strange reason think we deserve. There is a wonderful moment in the film when Janine (Nicole Garcia) is speaking with Zambeaux (Pierre Arditi) and she describes an assumption […]

SFF: Moonrise Kingdom – Wes Anderson and the fun of films

Moonrise Kingdom is Wes Anderson back in form  – we’ve all seen enough of his films now to know if we love them or hate them – and for me this is one of his better ones. I had a lovely, easy, pleasant time with this film.  Feel good that actually makes me feel good […]

Sydney Film Festival 6 June to 17 June 2012 – My home for the next 12 days.

Lucky lucky me starts my Sydney Film Festival experience tonight – hot hot hot on the heels of Cannes, I have several of the Cannes line-up and winners to see, as well as a slew of other wonderful films. Of particular interest is the films Holy Motors (trailer featured above) and “Moonrise Kingdon” as they […]