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January 22

Antoine Beuger – s’approcher s’√©loigner s’absenter – The acceptance and awareness of silence. (music review)

The Wandelweiser collective is a group of composers who produce scores of minimalist writing that is often based on signs or texts within the context of a leading silence. Wandelweiser¬† was founded in 1992 by Dutch-born flautist Antoine Beuger and German violinist Burkhard Schlothauer. Since its beginnings others have since joined, but s’approacher s’eloigner s’absenter […]

Hearing Metal 1 – Michael Pisaro connects with the Source

In the notes that accompany the first of the Hearing Metal series by Michael Pisaro, the claim is made that the work is one of intense collaboration between composer and performer. Pisaro writes: The piece evolved as Greg made test recordings based on my suggestions and then sent them to me. AS it happened we […]