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March 07

Waiting for Godot – Riverside Lyric Ensemble take on life’s great challenges. (Theatre Review)

Waiting for Godot Riverside Lyric Ensemble Tickets available here. Photo Credits to Petros Ktenas It is a brave company that takes on Samuel Beckett’s theatre changing play, directing, performing and producing Waiting for Godot is one of theatre’s greatest challenges for many reasons, one of which is the nuances that exist despite their remarkable ability […]

September 14

A Sign of the Times – Steve Helper and the moment before we act. (Theatre Review)

The final crushing moments in Waiting for Godot are: VLADIMIR: Well? Shall we go? ESTRAGON: Yes, let’s go. They do not move. If emotional and intellectual paralysis is the great theme of modern literature, Steve Helper is suggesting they are the great theme of modern life. The great catch cry of our “Man” in Steve […]

May 15

Richard the 3rd (or almost) – Timothy Daly brought to life by Markus Weber and the King Street Theatre. (theatre review)

In the play commonly titled No Exit, but more accurately titled In Camera, John Paul Sartre deals with the concept of sins, our relationship to them, hell, eternity and his all time favorite subject, authenticity. Because his character Garcin utters the phrase “hell is other people” , the primary themes of the play have been […]