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January 07

Museum Hours – Jem Cohen’s masterpiece. (Film Review)

Our relationship to art in all its forms, but particularly visual, is contextualised by the political, economic, social and cultural factors that surround it and inform our appreciation, and yet art retains the ability to mean whatever those contexts need, as well as defy the great impositions of the technological age. Reprints can’t replace the experience […]

On a writing break

  Hello lovely readers! I’m working to a rather daunting deadline just at the moment and am not attending to other things. This blog among them. I don’t like “apology for not posting” posts, so I will instead say, expect me back next week. Monday if i am on track, Wednesday if I am way […]

Announcing: The Lisa Thatcher Newsletter

A warm and very friendly greeting to all the lovely folk that pop in and read this blog. I want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your visits. I feel very encouraged by the strength of your response.  The blog has now hit the “regular” 100,000 visits a month club […]