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December 03

Enders Game – Gavin Hood adapts and directs a film that will be defined by its sequels. (Film Review)

In the raging battle for the pre-teen, teen and YA market place Enders Game is the latest addition to hit the screens, but its a little tricky for Lionsgate Films to land this one safely and it will be interesting to see how Enders Game goes. The film’s story is a long way from the […]

October 07

Prisoners – Denis Villeneuve misses his “one shot”. (Film Review)

If the title alone doesn’t inform you Prisoners is a film about war, the opening shots leave the viewer in no doubt. A beautiful image of a deer walking a snowy path is soon framed by a forest of irenic trees as the camera pans slowly back, Hugh Jackman’s voiceover recites the Lords Prayer eventuating […]