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December 04

Primer – Shane Carruth and the art of deception. (Film Review)

So it might seem possible, that as we advance in science and technology, we might be able to construct a wormhole, or warp space and time in some other way, so as to be able to travel into our past. If this were the case, it would raise a whole host of questions and problems. […]

June 15

Upstream Color – Shane Carruth asks who are we when “it” takes over? (Sydney FF Film Review)

Upstream Color is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can get your tickets here. I haven’t seen Shane Carruth’s Primer as yet, but its high on my must see list after watching Upstream Color. This is a film right up my alley – challenging, complex, obtuse and arty. Carruth is a fiercely intelligent […]

May 13

My top twenty-one film choices for the Sydney Film Festival. (SFF review)

It’s almost Sydney Film Festival time again and already the films are selling out. Check out the festival program here, if you are lucky enough to be in this lovely town this time of year.  I am hoping to get along to as much as I can attend.  It’s always a huge fortnight, and given […]