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Skios – Michael Frayn and the perils of probability (Booker Prize Long List)

Well he would work it out for himself a he went along, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.  Sadly. Because for the moment he was a living metaphor of the human condition.  He knew not whence he came from nor whither he was bound, nor what manner of man he was, nor why he […]

Swimming Home – Deborah Levy (Booker short list review)

“Each morning in every family, men women and children, if they have nothing better to do, tell each other their dreams. We are all at the mercy of the dream and we owe it to ourselves to submit its power to the waking state.” – La Revolution surrealiste, No.1, December 1924 So begins a novel […]

High and Low – Akira Kurosawa asks which is heaven and which is hell?

High and Low is an adaptation of an American novel entitled Kings Ransom written by Ed McBain in 1959.  The film is divided largely into three parts, using the crime thriller genre to give us a large dose of Kurosawa’s trade mark social criticism. In the balance between money and incorruptible life, everyone must choose and this is the question Kurosawa […]

Maajun – French prog 70’s style with a tiny bit of everything else.

Oh Prog – how I love thee.  Let me count the ways! I’m not completely sure why I love prog rock so much – it may be the drama and the glam – it may be the undisguised theatrics – who knows? It’s probably my generation – I love this post “rock n’ roll” ethic […]

SFF: Captive – Brillante Mendoza goes Political

I saw Captive at the Sydney Film Festival last week and despite the fact that it is terribly clichéd, I had a reasonable film experience. Like so many of these sorts of films, based on true stories, it has received terrible press. I have to confess, the poor reviews are warranted. This is a terrifying […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 2. Lacan turns a prayer wheel.

This is a follow on post from a previous one that you can read here. It is important to note, that this is not my own work. This is merely a condensing and simplifying of  How to Read Lacan by Slavoj Zizek (Author), Simon Critchley (Series Editor) that can be purchased here.  2. Lacan turns a prayer wheel. And […]

How to read Lacan: Zizek on Lacan – Part 1. Lacan confronts the CIA plot.

It was Slavoj Žižek’s birthday last week, and I figured – seeing as I am a bit of a fan – that would dedicate a couple of posts to his short but oh so fabulous introduction to the work of Jaques Lacan.  What I’m going to do here is pretty much paraphrase Žižek’s work. I think there is […]

FFF: Beloved – Les Bien-Aimes, songs, mothers and daughters.

I had a most peculiar relationship to this film. I really disliked it when I saw it in the cinema. I have never seen a Christophe Honoré film before, and this was a problem. If you intend to see this film, I strongly recommend finding out about the sorts of films he makes, as this will […]

Wire’s 100 Records that set the world on fire while no one was listening.51-55

I chose the above album cover (HOW cool is Johnny Watson?) to give you a very subtle impression of what today’s collection of music does to me. Yes – even the Glen Glould solitude trilogies. The artists on today’s list of five all play with sound in a unique way, and all are the very […]

FFF: The last Metro – Truffaut and the mightiest of tensions

I was so lucky last night! Closing night of the French Film festival , and I was handed a very nice glass of wine, told to sit back and enjoy one of Francois Truffaut’s greatest films. This is pure heaven for little Lisa. Here’s the thing. As far as French New Wave goes (and for me […]