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January 21

Trainspotting – Stellar production reignites the novel over the film. (Theatre Review)

Trainspotting 16-26 January 2019 Limelight on Oxford – You can grab your tickets here.  Production Shots: Emma Wright In contemporary zeitgeist, Trainspotting has come to define the generation after its characters and their relationship to the Danny Boyle film. See this exemplified in book tours Irvine Welsh makes alongside Chuck Palahniuk whose epic tome Fight […]

May 13

Trainspotting – Black Box Theatre and Emu Productions take us to the dark side of ourselves. (Theatre review)

Trainspotting Black Box Theatre and Emu Productions King Street Theatre till May 24. Buy Tickets here.  I saw Irvine Welsh at the Adelaide writers festival a few years back. He is an engaging speaker with a warm, generous personality, who puts up a convincing show of modesty. Among his many witty anecdotes was a consideration […]

November 18

Filth – Jon S. Baird and the joy of (finally) another successful Welsh adaptation. (Film Review)

“I think there’s something seriously wrong with me.” With the end of the Thatcher era the decade of the 1990’s produced films books and music that came to typify a writhing underbelly of a Britain that belied the facade the Tory’s wanted to plaster over the top of societal cracks.  Thatcher wanted The Empire to […]

April 19

Trance – Danny Boyle and the philosophy of memory and identity. (film review)

It should be no surprise that given the importance of it on the psyche and formation of identity that philosophers and scientists have been discussing memory for as long as philosophy (and biology) have existed. These days, memory is broken down into three components in an attempt to better understand it. These are: habit memory, personal memory and factual […]