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April 20

Orphans – Magic realism and the hyper-surreal father. (Theatre Review)

Orphans Red Line Productions The Old Fitz Theatre, 14 April to 9 May – You can grab tickets here. Photos – Rupert Reid One can’t question Orphans pedigree. Though it appears quaintly old-fashioned these days – perhaps even more so to a contemporary 2015 Sydney indie audience who may be more savvy than their American […]

November 13

Seven Psychopaths Review – Martin McDonagh goes cute n’ clever on the art of the screenplay.

Seven Psychopaths is one of those really cute and really clever takes on the Hollywood screenplay.  I have to say up front that Martin McDonagh (who writes this as well as directs it) is giving Tarentino the elbow here in a film that is sort of homage sort of pay-out, sort of frustrated attempt to […]

Gavin Bryars: “The Sinking of the Titanic” and “Jesus Blood Never Failed me yet” – Pure beauty.

There are several versions of the extraordinary work of Gavin Bryars Sinking of the titanic. The latest (as far as I can see) came out in 2008, and I ‘only’ have the 1976 copy that is settled in with Jesus Blood Never Failed Me as track two.  I have to get my hands on a copy of the […]

Bad as Me: Tom Waits and the new jazz.

Bad as Me is Tom Waits fist studio album in seven years and the great news for Tom Waits fans is that it is a proper and decent return to style.  On Bad as Me we have the return of that tinkly piano we love so much. There is also more guitar work than more […]