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Remainder by Tom Mc Carthy – What’s left over is all we are.

About the accident itself I can say very little. Almost nothing. it involved something falling from the sky. Technology. Parts, Bits. That’s it, really: all I can divulge. Not much, I know. It’s not even that I’m being shy.  It’s just that – well, for one, I don’t even remember the event. It’s a blank: […]

Tomas Tranströmer wins the Nobel Prize for Literature 2011

I hadn’t read much of surrealist poet  Tomas Tranströmer until recently when a revived interest in Poetry (thank you Blandine Longre and Paul Stubs) had me engaging with my google search bar and my ‘great contemporary poets’  generic feed. I’m glad I read some, because he won the Nobel Prize for Literature today (anyone who […]