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June 19

Air – Grieving births new fathers, new histories. (Theatre review)

  Air 13 – 30 June 2018, Old 505 Theatre You can grab your tickets here. Images: Mansoor Noor For writer Joanna Erskine and through her director Anthony Skuse, Air is a departure as well as a homecoming. Through the vehicle of grief (another kind of birth process) an inverted Oedipus mythic melodrama unfolds around […]

November 04

Merciless Gods – Drama that unifies in the dark. (Theatre Review)

Merciless Gods Griffin Theatre in collaboration with Little One’s Theatre 1 – 25 November. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Sarah Walker It has been noted that the poem must be given to the mute, to the stutterer, to the stranger, rather than to the chatterbox, to the grammarian or to the nationalist. Equally […]

July 01

Interview with Steve Hopley, director of La Ronde. (Theatre Interview)

LA RONDE IN THE ROUND Enigma presents LA RONDE By Arthur Schnitzler July 2 to 12, 2014 You can grab your tickets here.  Ten couples. Ten scenes. A round dance of love, sex and infidelity. Written in Freud’s Vienna in 1897, Arthur Schnitzler’s psychological investigation of sex was never intended to be performed. After publication […]

June 19

An update on the ongoing question of why Australian Theatre criticism is valuable – even when I do it.

This post is a contribution to a contemporary debate about Australian theater, inspired by this post and this post, both of which I found illuminating and inspiring. When I feel generous toward myself (or haven’t outlined a plot for 2-3 pieces in a row) I like to state that I am a “critic” rather than […]

December 20

Theatre in 2013

Everyone who reads this blog knows I’m not a list post person and especially I am not an “end of year” list person, but I do think it’s worth acknowledging the passing of a year and the work displayed, particularly when it has been a landmark year. I said half way through 2013 that this […]

January 06

Short and Sweet – a little bit of this and a little bit of that in ten minutes. (Theatre)

Well, hot on the heels of The Now Now music festival, I’ll be heading off to The Short and Sweet theatre festival. Short+Sweet began life in Newtown (Sydney, and my home base) has expanded nationally to Melbourne, the Central Coast, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Townsville and Rockhampton; as well as internationally to Auckland, Malaysia, Singapore, […]

Savage in Limbo – John Patrick Shanley and Workhorse Theatre company ask should I stay or should I go?

In the world of Plato’s cave, truth is an elusive and frightening thing. Because it finds us, we are in a perpetual dance with it – a dance of desire, awareness, shock and avoidance. This pattern plays itself out within us unless we decide to embrace our own truth and risk the accompanying fear and move forward […]

Pearls Before Swine – An Evening with Orson Welles. (Sydney Fringe Festival)

I started at the top and worked my way down. Blake Erickson must be an enormous Orson Welles fan. Either that or he looks so much like him and was obviously mistaken for the ghost of Orson Welles so many times, he decided to just run with it and be him for and hour or […]