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May 15

Richard the 3rd (or almost) – Timothy Daly brought to life by Markus Weber and the King Street Theatre. (theatre review)

In the play commonly titled No Exit, but more accurately titled In Camera, John Paul Sartre deals with the concept of sins, our relationship to them, hell, eternity and his all time favorite subject, authenticity. Because his character Garcin utters the phrase “hell is other people” , the primary themes of the play have been […]

May 14

A Butcher of Distinction – James Dalton directs Rob Hayes’ question of violence ‘out there’ or ‘in here’. (Theatre Review)

From the opening sentence in A Butcher of Distinction, instantly recognizable is the costumes worn by Liam Nunan and Heath Ivey-Law in their roles as Hugo and Hartley.  The boys wear all white-preppy-private-school-sports-day type clothing that instantly evoke Peter and Paul of Funny Games who themselves carried the specter of Alex of A Clockwork Orange […]

February 23

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof – Simon Stone takes the South out of Tennessee Williams. (theatre review)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is starting to look a little like a Shakespeare play, it’s been done and played with so many times. When one is going to see  a play one is so familiar with, it becomes more an exercise in interpretation than an attempt to seek any sort of surprise from […]