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April 14

Cough – Emily Calder and the question of who frightens who? (Theatre Review)

Cough Unhappen Theatre Company April 10 – 20 You can purchase tickets here.  Read my interview with Emily Calder here. If the world of childhood is a strange journey of misunderstandings, skewed observations, unexplained feelings, irrational beliefs and intense happiness buttressed against dark fears, then it is nothing compared to parenting. Childhood is perpetually defined […]

April 14

V.D. – Pete Malicki and the monologue that just keeps getting better. (Theatre Review)

V.D. The Monologue Project May 7,9 and 10. You can buy tickets here.  He takes my hand, walks me to the car, even opening the car door for me. The date passes in a blur of nerves and I quick;y get the impression that Dan Hunsford has no intention of killing, raping, scamming or religiously […]

December 15

The Dreamer Examines his Pillow – Unpathed Theatre Company and Vashti Pontaks take us on a journey within. (Theatre Review)

It’s a brave director that takes on John Patrick Shanley, but to perform possibly his most complex internally referenced work brought to the surface of all things as a first time director is the kind of challenge that must have left director Vashti Pontaks so transformed she can’t recognise herself in the mirror. Pontaks is […]

November 08

Rooted – Phil Rouse and Don’t Look Away bring Alex Buzo back. (Theatre Review)

Rooted, Alex Buzo’s sixth play, was first produced in 1969.  That means (from what I can gather) Buzo had Australians on the stage before, or at least at the same time, as David Williamson did, but somehow, unlike Williamson, Buzo got caught up in Australia’s cultural cringe and he never experienced quite the same level […]

October 29

Hay Fever – Noel Coward, The New Theatre, and the joy of the Blisses. (Theatre Review)

Theatre legend has it that Noel Coward’s Hay Fever, and Noel Coward himself, stopped being popular with the rise of play writes such as Harold Pinter in the 1950’s, largely because funny was not seen to equal deep or complex. And yet, after a revival of Hay Fever in the 1960’s (the play was written […]

September 23

Penelope – Kate Gaul brings the audience deep into the Enda Walsh pool. (Theatre Review)

Penelope is such a large play, so sprawling in its scope, that (surprisingly for a writer) Enda Walsh ends up leaving a great deal open for the assimilation of director, actor and audience, restraining himself to the grandiose words, relinquishing much of the structure and message to others. Walsh always likes to examine humans trapped […]

July 13

Haus – Dimitri Armatas and the tragedy of cultural identity. (Theatre Review)

It is often thought that if you put a human being through the most trying circumstances you get to see what they are made of. The assumption is, the more pressure you apply, the more strength you will get in response. This is an observation made by witnesses, not protagonists, because only as the observer […]

June 28

Shopping and Fucking – Mark Ravenhill is facelifted by Alan Chambers. (Theatre Review)

Mark Ravenhill’s Shopping and Fucking has often been criticized for its lack of subtlety, which is odd, given the title alone should inform you subtlety is not an aim of the writer. It was written in 1996 and considering its subject matter, I’d place it more at a cross section between Mike Leighs film Naked […]

June 23

Helter Skelter – Jonathan Wald and the tragedies of Neil LaBute. (Theatre review)

The first thing to note about Helter Skelter is that normally the play is shown with another one of LaBute’s plays – which may or may not be a good thing.  Helter Skelter is currently having its Australian premiere at the Old 505 theatre, shown without The Furies or Land of the Dead. Having never […]

June 22

Body Language – Luke Holmes and the problems of connection. (Theatre Review)

All writers (and almost all creatives) need their influence.  Satre’s criticism (and Lacan’s) of the ’empty gestures’ associated with appropriating a kind of persona in order to achieve is warranted, but one of the pains of creation turns out to be, the need for this appropriating on the journey to finding the elusive voice. What […]