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November 25

Kiss Land – The Weeknd goes global. (Music Review)

The cover of Kiss Land says it all. Abel Tesfaye, aka Weeknd looking down his nose at the camera with a stare unconvinced by his own seriousness. I was a fan of the first three albums; House of Balloons scared the shit out of me (initially), Thursday really took the subversion to a whole new […]

The Weeknd: Thursday

For my money – of which this wonderful artist requires none – this is the best of the 2011 trilogy of albums launched upon us from The Weeknd. While the first album was breakthrough, and I really did get the whole fear factor etc, I found it so ‘bad’ it got a little preachy for […]

The Weeknd: Echoes of Silence

This album is being touted as completing ‘The trilogy’ of one man outfit The Weeknd’s R & B contribution for 2011. It landed at the base of our chimney’s December 21 – and it turns out its settling in somewhere between ‘Baloons’ and ‘Thursday’. Despite it being a break with popular opinion, I preferrred Thursday […]

The Weeknd – House of Balloons: R&B chic horror

I’ve been listening to this chilling album for a few days now – I was introduced to it on Monday, downloded my free ‘mixtape’ Monday night. At that stage there were one hundred thousand or so hits on the song on You Tube and my boyfriend was saying “you’ve got to hear this! ¬†Everyone is […]