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March 30

Stitching – Little Spoon Theatre Company shine a light on our inner darkness. (Theatre review)

Stitching Little Spoon Theatre Company at the Tap Gallery 26 March – 12 April. You can buy your tickets here. In some ways the provocations in Stitching come as a relief from the intensity of the play. Stitching is (in)famous for it’s in-your-face sex scenes, its brutal use of culturally significant horrors, and its dark […]

October 25

The Good, The Bad and the Lawyer – Tony Laumberg satirizes the Australian Upper Middle Class. (Theatre Review)

An underbelly of debateĀ  – I wouldn’t say “rages”, perhaps “whispers” is a better word – its way around Australian society occasionally regarding the modes and methods of our own personal brand of introspective satire. This debate centers around a pre occupation we have with satirizing our country folk (think Crocodile Dundee), our immigrants (the […]