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November 17

Jade Emperess discovers Australia – Theatre I was late to review. (Theatre Review)

Jade Empress Discovers Australia The Sydney Fringe. No longer playing. Find out more here. There are many joys to be had at the Sydney Fringe, all the more if you’re willing to open up your heart and your mind to the principles of The Fringe Festival, which is largely that local creativity in the arts […]

September 07

Year of the Abbott – Sydney Fringe Festival 2014 (theatre review)

  Year of the Abbott September 6   @8:30pm September 7   @6:00pm September 27 @9:30pm Sydney Fringe Festival – Grab Your Tickets here. Sydney’s come a long way in the last five or six years. The ‘arty types’ have successfully revealed there is more than bling to the wealthiest City in Australia. Part of […]