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September 10

Who do You See? – Sarah Vickery and Gavin Roach and the mind’s wild ride. (Sydney FringeF Theatre review)

The most terrifying ride I ever went on at any theme park around the world was the Alien ride at Disney world in Florida. The ride started as a “tour” of a mock-up of the spaceship used in the films.  We are invited to have a quick trip into outer space, to experience the thrill […]

September 03

The Canyons – Paul Shrader and Brett Easton Ellis on the death of film. (Sydney Underground FFF review)

The Canyons is one of those films that is very difficult to define. Sure its bad.  Startlingly so. But given the talent behind the camera, its difficult to know how deliberately bad it is. There is something about the film that makes it one of those car crashes that may end the right way up […]

Sydney Fringe Festival

Hello everyone… Well I am out of hibernation now and looking forward to giving you tons of music reviews, film reviews and Booker Long List feedback.  But most exciting of all at the moment is the Sydney Fringe Festival that started on Thursday this week. I’ve booked myself up for lots of goodies:  Some live music, […]