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September 05

Macbeth – Women in a man’s world (Theatre Review)

Macbeth She Shakespeare PACT Theatre August 29 – Sept 8 You can grab your tickets here In 1991 Susan Faludi wrote what would become an essential feminist text called “Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Woman.” The author argued that a media driven backlash existed in the 1980’s as an answer to important advances made […]

September 22

Julie Anne and Julie are Bad in Bed, or So I Read (On A Toilet Stall Door) – (Sydney Fringe F Theatre Review)

When I walked out of Julie Anne and Julie are Bad in Bed, or so I read (On a Toilet Stall Door) – how’s that for a title – I commented to the good folk of the PACT theatre there that night, that the most experimental works I’d seen at The Sydney Fringe this year […]

September 22

The Unstoppable, Unsung Story of Shakey M: Rowena Hutson,’Parky’ and Joy. (Sydney Fringe F Theatre Review)

I pause and ask myself about the role of art in my life regularly, but I almost never stop to ask myself why I laugh and what makes me laugh. Aside from that nervous snigger we apply in awkward social situations (like every time I’m with my family).  We have lots of “scientific reasons” for […]