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November 25

Interview with Martin Portus – The Les Robinson Story (Theatre Interview)

The Les Robinson Story Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November You can grab tickets here The Les Robinson Story is a monologue by Kieran Carroll about one of Australia’s forgotten literary greats – a problem many people ahead of their time experience in their day, but is ususually followed by a posthumous discovery when […]

November 25

Interview with Gertrude Ingeborg – Belle of the Cross (Theatre Interview)

Belle Of The Cross Old Fitzroy Theatre 18 – 29 November. You can grab tickets here. Currently playing at The Old Fitzroy Theatre is Angelika Fremd’s monologue Belle of the Cross, performed by Gertrude Ingeborg and directed by David Ritchie. Belle of the Cross is a beautifully poetic homage to people Fremd has seen and […]

November 24

A sad farewell to SITCO and the end of an era at the Old Fitz Theatre. (Article)

They say all good things must come to an end, and while this is nearly always true, very rarely do things come to as abrupt an end as the one forced on the successful Sydney Independent Theatre Company, the enormously experienced talent of Julie Baz and David Jeffrey. It heralds the end of a fantastic […]

May 20

Scenes from an Execution – Tooth and Sinew belt us with a rich serve of Howard Barker. (Theatre Review)

Scenes From an Execution Tooth and Sinew in association with Sydney Independent Theatre Company The Old Fitzroy Theatre 13 – 31 May Buy Your Tickets Here.    “I wish I were not sensual… I wish I had not got from my mother, or my father was it, this need to grasp and be grasped, because […]

March 29

A Moment on The Lips – Mad March Hare reveal how well fish do without bicycles. (Theatre review)

A Moment on the Lips Mad March Hare Theatre Company  March 27 to April 12 – grab your tickets here.  Photo credits to Katy Green Loughrey It’s the bromide feminism anticipates. A young man goes to see Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, is filled with the fear of the great vagina that very brilliant play evokes, […]

December 06

Old Fitzroy Theatre 2014 Season announced by Sydney Independent Theatre Company

The Old Fitzroy Theatre has been home to some of the most wonderful theatre experiences I’ve had in 2013. Standouts were Friday, the recent King Lear I really enjoyed and the very touching An Ordinary Person was a theatre evening that remained in my mind for days. In 2013 The Sydney Independent Theatre Company was appointed as […]

December 02

King Lear – The Independent Theatre Company and a thriving Sydney Shakespeare Festival. (Theatre Review)

King Lear is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, and this is partly due to the ambiguity of its moralising, as well as its starkly contemporary themes. Who can’t relate to a tired ruling father going a little “odd” in his old age, sibling rivalry over a fortune, or acting out of ego rather than rational common […]

November 07

An Ordinary Person – Robert Allan and the pervasive stigma of the victim. (Theatre Review)

“He’s not bad.  He’s just an ordinary person.” In post-political correctness days, becoming a victim and being a victim are, surprisingly, at opposite ends of the pop psychological rainbow. Victimhood has a timeline that is defined (as Lacan would say) by the “big Other” – that is we don’t know how long you are allowed […]

August 12

Friday – Daniela Giorgi and the tragic giggle that is politics in a democracy. (theatre review)

Politics was so much more interesting in the 1960’s and 1970’s because it was deep and complex. Communism, like a powerful opposition, offered genuine and radical solutions to the problems of the post-industrial age.  When you fought over red wine and Camembert, beer and snags or rice and beans with your neighbor, the arguments outweighed […]