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September 05

The Aliens – Outhouse Theatre and the real. (Theatre review)

The Aliens Old Fitz Theatre 25 Aug to 10 Sept You can grab your tickets here Images by Rupert Reid Annie Baker is regularly touted as a “realist”, a title she doesn’t sit well with, and rightly so. In fact it is her depiction of very ordinary artifice, carefully layered phrase by phrase and gesture […]

November 07

An Ordinary Person – Robert Allan and the pervasive stigma of the victim. (Theatre Review)

“He’s not bad.  He’s just an ordinary person.” In post-political correctness days, becoming a victim and being a victim are, surprisingly, at opposite ends of the pop psychological rainbow. Victimhood has a timeline that is defined (as Lacan would say) by the “big Other” – that is we don’t know how long you are allowed […]