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January 13

The NOW Now right now – Day four. (festival review)

Unfortunately for me, day four is my last day at the NOW Now Festival. I have to put out a huge round of thanks to the organizers,  Andrew Brooks, Jeremy Tatar, Laura Altman, Rishin Singh and Sam Pettigrew for a truly amazing festival. Fortunately the events I went to were all well attended so I […]

January 12

The NOW now right now – Day 2 (festival review)

Well, if there’s one thing we all know for sure now, it’s that the Now now is a mighty big festival. The music is huge and every set a series of highly accomplished musicians doing what they do so well. There is pretty much no chance of sticking to the timetable, which means (unfortunately) for […]

January 11

The NOW now right now – Day 1. (festival review)

The Red Rattler is the perfect venue for the Now Now festival with its deep velvet antique-esqe armchairs, retro bar and red red red atmosphere. If anything, it may be a tad small given the sizeable crowd that attended the opening of the festival on Wednesday night. Overhead fans had to be turned off due […]