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May 03

Jupiter Ascending – Sci-Fi as it should be or One for the true believers. (Film Review)

I’ve left my review of this film till the hype wore down, considering I have a monumental personal problem with film reviewing this year that is either born of a certain number of years immersing myself in the critical community, or film reviews getting dramatically worse each year – I suspect my problem is a […]

April 15

Oblivion – Joseph Kosinski celebrates 70’s sci-fi. (film review)

When the New York times reviewed Logan’s Run in 1976, it had this to say: Just why and for what particular purpose Logan makes his run is anything but clear after you’ve sat through nearly two hours of this stuff. Logan’s Run is less interested in logic than in gadgets and spectacle, but these are […]

February 23

Cloud Atlas – The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer make the most expensive independant film of all time. (film review)

Lana and Andy Wachowski have definitely got a “real is not really what you think real is” thing going. With the enormous success of their Matrix trilogy and then the follow-up successes with films such as V for Vendetta, they have established themselves as a powerful force in that world between worlds narrative. Tom Tykwer […]