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October 13

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton and the knowing influence of the infinite sky. (Book Review)

The Luminaries is a character driven novel in the style of the Victorian novel, meaning particular details about each character are written in small sidelines and circular explanatory asides that draw the reader close to each character, but also result in the kind of distant analysis that, for example, Jane Austen is so famous for. […]

The Lighthouse – Alison Moore feels her way in the dark by scent. (Booker Prize Short List)

“Do you know,” said his mother, “How much you bore me?” There was a pause and then his father quietly packed away the picnic. Snapping shut the cool-box lid, he stood and looked at his wife. Futh watched the gulls fighting over the remains of their lunch, and then he looked down at his hand […]

Julian Barnes wins the Mann Booker Prize for Fiction – Nice work everyone!

The … er… really cool novel The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes has won the booker prize.  He wins 50,000 pounds as well as, no doubt, mega sales. I read this novel in one day – it’s a novella really, and you can check out my thoughts on the subject here.  I suspect, […]