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The Lighthouse – Alison Moore feels her way in the dark by scent. (Booker Prize Short List)

“Do you know,” said his mother, “How much you bore me?” There was a pause and then his father quietly packed away the picnic. Snapping shut the cool-box lid, he stood and looked at his wife. Futh watched the gulls fighting over the remains of their lunch, and then he looked down at his hand […]

The Lighthouse – Maria Saakyan shows us Armenia as a dream

At the start of Maria Saakyan’s The Lighthouse (Mayak) our heroine, Lena (Anna Kapaleva) puts on an old records of the soundtrack to Efrem Pruxhanski’s animated adaptation of Alive in Wonderland.  Like Alive, Lena has crossed a border into a place she doesn’t recognise.  She is not even sure what she is doing there. And […]