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November 12

Duck Hunting – A nightmarish confrontation with our inner self. (Theatre Review)

Duck Hunting Contemporarian Theatre Company King Street Theatre from 4 Nov to 29 Nov. You can grab your tickets here. Images Toby B. Styling Craig Stephens’ crises, the axis upon which Alexandr Vampilov’s 1969 play Duck Hunting pivots, is one of language. Craig talks and talks and talks throughout the staged single day of Duck¬†Hunting, […]

September 10

Who do You See? – Sarah Vickery and Gavin Roach and the mind’s wild ride. (Sydney FringeF Theatre review)

The most terrifying ride I ever went on at any theme park around the world was the Alien ride at Disney world in Florida. The ride started as a “tour” of a mock-up of the spaceship used in the films.¬† We are invited to have a quick trip into outer space, to experience the thrill […]