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January 16

The Soft Skin – Truffaut recommends fidelity in marraige – or else. (film review)

In a rather lovely interview with Francoise Truffaut about The Soft Skin, he speaks of the creation of several of the scenes. The elevator scene, when a bourgeois male and female flirt, he describes as the most important scene in the film. Immediately following the elevator flirt scene, Pierre goes to his room.  As he […]

The Bakery Girl of Monceau – Eric Rhomer comes alive!

Eric Rhomer is a complete enigma for me. I can’t make him out, which inevitably makes him one of my favourite directors. No film maker is more ambiguous.  No film maker can slip in the wisp of wind between complete opposing view points with such a devils twinkle in the eye. I think I have […]