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August 22

Articles at The Essental

  My blog has been pretty quiet lately. For those of you who don’t know, my day job is in accounting and this time of year is a total punish for me. It all starts mid June and each year seems to stretch on a little longer. I’m racing to complete all my accounting obligations […]

July 14

Squarepusher: Damogen Furies @ The Essential. (music review)

Sooo…. check out my review of Squarepusher’s Damogen Furies and if you’re up to it, AFTER you’ve read my piece (and not before… never ever before) check out this awesome interview the beautiful Keith did with the man himself. (Can’t and won’t hide my big Keith Fullerton Whitman love) You can read the full article here. In […]

July 12

30 Depictions of Female Genius in Film – Articles at The Essential

I know! I hate lists! I still do. I actually wrote this one for The Essential because it turns out, the way intelligence is depicted in popular culture actually affects real life perceptions of ability. The way female intelligence is depicted in movies has a direct impact on the way they are looked over for […]

April 29

The Monster Within – Australian Gothic and the terror of the familiar. (Article)

I have written a rather long piece for The Essential on Australian Gothic Cinema, a type of film far too under explored and miss understood for my tastes. You can read the full thing at The Essential, here. White-heritage Australians have been making films that can be identified as Australian Gothic (primarily a literary style […]

April 14

Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare over at The Essential. (Music review)

Check out my Doldrums review over at The Essential: A problem common to all writers facing their terrifying confrontation with the abyss is to avoid the much-needed soul soothing until after the experience’s detail has been taken down. You can’t just talk about anxiety. It must accompany you in order for it to properly infuse […]

March 30

Music Reviews at The Essential

I’ve reviewed some great music at The Essential recently, so check out some of the links below: Sleater-Kinney: No Cities To Love Through the mire of contemporary left wing labeling and the burdens of consciousness for a myriad of social ailments, Sleater-Kinney’s strength is their ability to do their thing and trust themselves. Forging a […]

March 30

Love Is Strange – Ira Sachs, love and the abyss. (Film review)

My review for Love is Strange resides over at The Essential. A scene toward the end of Love is Strange sees protagonists Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) out on a much-needed date, and makes the bold statement regarding the aesthetic trajectory of writer/director Ira Sachs. The two married men have just attended a […]

December 16

‘Tis the Season – Die Hard and Lethal Weapon use Christmas to promote white values and the LAPD.

  I wrote an article for The Essential recently on the use of two of our most beloved cop films as positive promotion of white LA cops at the height of their notoriory. Check it out here: In 1986, the LAPD purchased a fourteen-ton armored breaching vehicle the use of which was essential to smashing […]

November 27

Articles at the Essential

Pop over to The Essential and check out what they’ve got going on. I’ve got some recently published articles there: Feature Article: Emotional Resonance The Essential asked me to write a piece about the emotional connection we have to one particular song or album and why we feel that way, and I chose Mazzy Star’s […]

October 03

Articles at The Essential.

Pop over to the uber cool Melbourne based eZine The Essential, to check out what they’ve got going on. I’ve got two recently published articles there:   Film Review: The Skeleton Twins Problematically, The Skeleton Twins is good because it seems to be a precursor for something else, such as a dramatic career for Kristen […]