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April 07

40 years Ago Today: The Conversation (film review)

  In 1970, Karel Kachyna made a Czech film titled The Ear, and in 1974 Francis Ford Coppola made an American film titled The Conversation. Due to the highly restrictive Soviet rule in Czechoslovakia, The Ear was banned before it saw the light of day (frankly it’s a miracle it was ever made) and did […]

The Ear – They’re watching you.

During the early 1960’s, director Karel Kachyna met Moravian writer, Jan Prochazka and their long collaboration produced many of the key films in Kachyna’s oeuvre. In 1968, under Soviet occupation and during the Normalisation period when the stranglehold was starting to decend over Czech film, Kachyna’s darin gpoliticalnoir-dramaUcho (The Ear, 1970) was withheld from circulation […]