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July 15

FRONT – Is it ever about the music? (Theatre Review)

FRONT The Depot Theatre with Jack Rabbit Theatre From 28 June to 15 July 2017 You can grab your tickets thought Tickets Tonight here.   My partner has a saying: Seek forgiveness and not permission. It’s formally attributed to Rear Admiral Grace Hopper who was forced to live by it, but it has long been […]

April 27

Sex Object – Conceeding nothing to the spirit of finitude. (Theatre review)

Sex Object Jack Rabbit Theatre The Depot Theatre 19 – 29 April 2017 You can grab your tickets here. Image credits: Omnes Photography It was Nietzsche who argued that motives for certain types of morality stand in antithesis to its principle. Examples of these types of morality include industriousness, obedience, chastity, piety and justness. His […]

April 12

Ellie, Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) – Theatre with a heart and a brain. (Theatre review)

Ellie, Abbie (& Ellie’s dead Aunt) The Depot Theatre and Feet First Ventures 29 March to 8 April. At the time of publishing this review, this production has stopped running at The Depot Theatre. You can find out more about future productions here.  The distrust imposed upon females over their choice of art and literature […]

November 08

My Fathers Left Testicle -Darkness arrives through the light. (Theatre Review)

My Fathers Left Testicle Depot Theatre with Mustard Seed Productions 2-12 November You can grab your tickets here. What is going on with Australian’s and this asylum seeker caper? It’s been years since the Hawke government set up mandatory detention centres and the (in)famous Woomera IRPC incident which saw six year old Somalian refugee Shyan […]

October 23

The Days Are as Grass -Age and beauty in language. (Theatre review)

The Days Are as Grass RPW & Stories About Humans with The Depot Theatre October 19 – 29 You can grab your tickets here Photo credits: Clare Hawley It seems a persistent characteristic of being human is a fundamental inability to describe our physical experience. As one has more and more experiences we start to […]

October 15

Cymbeline -Marriage/Fidelity/War. (Theatre Review)

Cymbeline Secret House Theatre Company The Depot Theatre 5-15 October (At the time of publishing this review, the production run is over. You can read more about it here.) The issue of female fidelity rides high in Cymbeline, exemplified in the actions of Imogen and Cymbeline’s unnamed Queen. Fallen out of favour these days, with […]

August 09

A Nest Of Skunks – Lisa chats with Roger Vickery with support from James Balian (Theatre Interview)

A Nest Of Skunks is one of the surprise powerhouse contributions to the 2016 theatre calendar. An close examination of the way we relate to our immigrants, both legal and illegal, with a clever plot twist that facilitates the journey toward a deeper understanding of how it might be to live as a person forced […]

May 09

Dirty People – Millenials on the verge of greatness. (Theatre review)

Dirty People Doonbrae Productions and Jackrabbit Theatre Find out more about this production here. Photo credits: Tom Cramond Like every generation before them, Millennial’s get a lot of bad press. Narcissistic, delusions of grandeur, more interested in becoming a personal assistant to a star than enter politics, they are the generation that receive on average […]

October 17

Ghosts – The Depot Theatre rescues Ibsen from middle class theatre morality. (Theatre Review)

Ghosts The Depot Theatre You can grab your tickets here Ibsen’s Ghosts is a classic, and like all classics it bares the burden of relevancy. I have recently seen the latest Game of Thrones inspired version of Macbeth (!) a film that broke its belly open trying to justify its own existence. For me, I […]

July 20

The Cherry Orchard – An old play about transition in a new theatre space. (Theatre review)

The Cherry Orchard 15 July through to 1 August The Depot Theatre You can grab your tickets here. Images by Katy Green Loughrey Ironically, the current manifestation of The Cherry Orchard, Chekhov’s last and arguably greatest play about the decaying end of a House and an era, is the inaugural play in a brand new […]