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November 06

Time Stands Still – Donald Margulies and middle class free will. (Theatre Review)

Time Stands Still Eclipse Productions 1 – 25 November, Tap Gallery. You can grab your tickets here. Images: Katie Barget (Captar Photo) The rise of a new middle class in India has shone a spotlight on India’s systemic rape problem and the media (mainstream and otherwise) has been used to great effect in strengthening India’s rape […]

December 08

The God of Carnage – Twisted Tree Theatre and the pleasures of social decay. (Theatre Review)

The God of Carnage Tap Gallery Downstairs 26 November to 7 December. It has been said many times in many different ways, that what is most interesting about human beings is not what we have in common with the animals but the ways in which we are different.  Yasmina Reza seems interested in this as […]

September 27

Brother Daniel – Collaborations theatre take us from hero to zero. (Theatre review)

Brother Daniel Collaborations Theatre Group at the Tap Gallery September 24 to October 5. You can grab your tickets here.  Images by Mark Banks It is currently the fashion among those who fancy themselves to be on the higher end of the IQ scale, to contextualise the death of god as the refusal of an […]

August 04

Four Places – The Agony and Ecstasy of Family. (Theatre Review)

Four Places  Outhouse Theatre Tap Gallery from July 29 to August 10. You can grab tickets here.  Photographer – Richard Farland Photopgraphy Once upon a time, the children rising up in a mutinous power play against aged, mentally fragile parents was seen as an illicit act of deceit, a grab for the parental asset stash […]

July 23

Phaedra – Erotic abandonment and cool crisp Sydney nights. (Theatre review)

Phaedra Tap Gallery July 17 – 26. You can grab your tickets here. Images by Sascha Cohen There is a special thing that happens in theatre, a strange discombobulation where the audience is always confronted by the transgressive pairing of “The Real” and “The Not Real.” If a director and performers decide to take advantage […]

July 02

My name is Truda Vitz – Olivia Satchell and the memory of the unknown. (Theatre Review)

My Name is Truda Vitz Tap Gallery June 25 to July 6 You can grab your tickets here. The bulk of our childhood memories are the stuff of legends. They are composed of blurs of things we saw tainted by responsive feelings and contained by the witness of the powerful other, parents, grandparents or older […]

May 17

Something to be Done – Gabatwa Productions and the art of the body. (Theatre review)

  Something To be Done Gabatwa Studios – buy tickets here. Tap gallery From 13 May to 1 June A striking image heralds the start of Gabriel McCarthy’s one man show, Something to be done. McCarthy himself inside a tulle bag, his grip  evoking a closed off womb space. He wakes, and finding himself stranded […]

March 23

High Windows Low Doorways – Subtlenuance accents the spiritual. (Theatre review)

High Windows Low Doorways Subtlenuance at the Tap Gallery March 19 – 30. You can buy your tickets here.  I’ve heard Spirituality is the practical application of peace in your every day life, and its my best current definition. In the forward to High Windows Low Doorways Daniela Georgi and Paul Gilchrist claim the impulse […]

November 29

Triune – Brave New Word take the audience back, forward and sideways through time. (Theatre Review)

The back of the downstairs theatre at the Tap Gallery is covered in A4 sized colour images of films, albums, and odd bits of iconography that represent a mood and a philosophy rather than a time or place. At first they look like a teenagers bedroom, the images internet-stolen, hand printed, blu-tacked to a wall, […]

November 18

Christina in the Cupboard – Paul Gilchrist and the magical world within. (Theatre Review)

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet. Franz Kafka An arrival at the […]