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September 12

John Dies at the End – Don Coscarelli takes on David Wong. (Sydney Underground Film Festival Review)

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” “That if Franz Kafka was here his head would explode?” “Actually, yeah.” It’s difficult to discuss a film like John Dies At The End without having read the book, seeing as the book is a kind of mash-up parody of so many disparate influences, having its own cult following. […]

September 03

See You Next Tuesday – Drew Tobia and the ugly real. (Sydney Underground Film Festival Film Review)

Even in the year 2013, it’s a courageous film that shows women at their worst.  Not a caricatured worst, but a real, low-down and dirty, dare I say it, unattractive worst. As Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine sweeps the film watching world (a film about an extremely attractive female playing a supposedly unattractive female falling apart) […]

August 31

The Sydney Underground Film Festival – Sept 5 – Sept 8

The Sydney Underground Film Festival runs from Thursday the 5th of September through to Sunday the 8th of September. You can purchase tickets here. Highlights of this years Underground film fest are Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film, The Dance of Reality and Paul Schrader’s latest film The Canyon’s. Each of these films are opening and closing […]

August 23

The Sydney Fringe Festival about to kick off.

The Sydney Fringe Festival is on from September 6 through to September 29. Get tickets and info here. Given Australia go to the election polls on the 7th of September, and our two-party system has thrown us two very right-wing choices (we actually have a candidate that makes George Bush Jnr look like the moderate […]