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September 19

Our Father who Art (Nearly) in Heaven – Nathan Finger goes Wilde. (Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre Review)

Our Father Who Art (Nearly) In Heaven Sydney fringe festival at the Seymour Centre You can grab your tickets here A combination of farce and the whodunnit genres is not normally my favourite cup of theatre tea, yet I confess, after seeing Our father Who Art (Nearly) In Heaven, I’m starting to wonder why that […]

November 17

Jade Emperess discovers Australia – Theatre I was late to review. (Theatre Review)

Jade Empress Discovers Australia The Sydney Fringe. No longer playing. Find out more here. There are many joys to be had at the Sydney Fringe, all the more if you’re willing to open up your heart and your mind to the principles of The Fringe Festival, which is largely that local creativity in the arts […]

October 20

Him – Coleman Grehan’s Barney-esque Butoh at PACT. (Theatre Review)

Him PACT Centre for Emerging Artists Sydney Fringe Festival During the recent Sydney Fringe Festival, I was able to catch a remarkable show titled “Him” at the PACT theatre. Him is a forty minute (or so) Butoh inspired theatre dance piece devised and performed by Coleman Grehan. Grehan is a talented young musician and theatre […]

September 19

Jennifer Forever – Two Peas at the Sydney Fringe (Theatre Review)

Jennifer Forever A Two Peas Production at the Sydney Fringe You can grab your tickets here If feminists thought they could heave a sigh of relief at the demise of credibility in religious based misogyny, they’ve been appalled (or perhaps indifferent) to find much of the fantasy rich conservative-male-dominant hysteria inherent in religious misogyny has […]

September 07

Year of the Abbott – Sydney Fringe Festival 2014 (theatre review)

  Year of the Abbott September 6   @8:30pm September 7   @6:00pm September 27 @9:30pm Sydney Fringe Festival – Grab Your Tickets here. Sydney’s come a long way in the last five or six years. The ‘arty types’ have successfully revealed there is more than bling to the wealthiest City in Australia. Part of […]

September 26

Narrow as the Line – Nathan Finger writes, directs and gets you thinking. (Sydney Fringe Festival Theatre review)

One of the quaint things about the cry of the rich that they are winning the battle of the survival of the fittest (an old Banker/business cry left over from the end of the last century – think people like Jeffery Skilling and Rupert Murdoch) is that the “fitter” someone gets by these standards, the […]

September 10

Any Womb Will Do – Gavin Roach and the baby thing. (Sydney Fringe F Theatre Review)

In a follow-up performance to Gavin Roach’s Confessions of a Grindr Addict, the character of Felix is delightfully revived a few years on from when we saw him last. In Any Womb Will Do he’s older now, still a bit of an odd ball, but as loveable as ever. Roach is a talented writer, and […]

September 09

Sydney Fringe Interview with Chris Dunstan of The Defence.

One of the highlights of my Fringe experience this year has been The Defence, a very interesting and well executed play examining gender relations within the rehearsal spaces of contemporary theatre. This expansive theme is couched within the narrations of one August Strindberg, a play write and novelist who has the peculiar reputation for writing […]

September 09

Lifeforce – Joanna Weinberg and the conceiving of conception. (Sydney Fringe Theatre Review)

Joanna Weinberg is on a roll at the moment – at least that’s how it appears from the outside. The film Goddess, based on her stage play Sink Songs was a critical and commercial hit, despite its fairly low distribution. Her previous musicals, The Piano Diaries, which is still playing around the country and Every […]

September 07

The Defence – Chris Dunstan and August Strindberg in a battle of wits. (Sydney Fringe Theatre Review)

She is the victim of a false belief…namely that woman – this stunted form of human being compared to man, the lord of creation, the creator of civilization – is equal to man or might become so. Embracing this absurd ambition leads to her downfall. Absurd because a stunted form, governed by the laws of […]