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September 30

Keira Daley V’s The 90’s – Keira Daley in a gangsta paradise. (Sydney Fringe Festival Cabaret Review)

I seem to have my timing completely off when it comes to attending Keira Daley’s wonderful cabaret shows – feeling like the nerd she waxes so lyrically about, I managed to catch the absolute final performance of LadyNerd a couple of weeks back, and then when I saw her great follow up show, Keira Daley […]

September 30

Songs From The End of the World – Andrew Finegan and the swan song. (Sydney Fringe Festival Cabaret Review)

There’s been a lot of talk about the end of the world in recent times, or rather, since the dawn of time.  It seems human creatures love to be filled with fear, and will even counsel each other to “live each day as if it were your last” as if this will somehow erase the […]

September 02

Fred – Lisa Chappell, Christopher Stollery and the cultural meal. (Fringe Festival Theatre Review)

One of the joy’s of The Sydney Fringe Festival is the lucky-dip theory of never being sure of what you’re going to get.  However when you have talent like Lisa Chappell and Christopher Stollery you know that you’ve dipped into that bag with your eyes wide open. Fred is an action packed, thrilling one-woman show […]