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June 08

The Act of Killing – Josh Oppenheimer brings the documentary to the forefront of film making. (Sydney FF Film Review)

The Act of Killing is a part of the Sydney Film Festival. The Act of Killing is a history making film, a documentary that has the voltaism to genre-cross into all forms of film making and leave its mark. This is the film that Wener Herzog and Errol Morris – arguably two of the best documentary […]

June 08

Ginger and Rosa – Sally Potter and the problem with girl/women (Sydney Film Festival Film Review)

Ginger and Rosa is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can buy tickets here.  Please note, this review contains spoilers. “My dear Ginger.  Can’t you be a girl for a moment or two longer?  You’ll be a woman soon enough.” The casting of Elle Fanning, a twelve year old girl, as the sixteen […]

June 08

Captive Radio – Lauren Rosenfeld and the power of the human voice to reach accross the jungles of terror. (Sydney Film Festival short film review)

Captive Radio screens on June 16 at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can get tickets here. During four decades of civil conflict in Columbia, guerrillas, paramilitaries and criminal gangs have kidnapped more than 20,000 people. Most hostages are taken for ransom or political bargaining. Sometimes hostages are in captivity for many years. Remarkably, they are […]

June 07

I am Divine – Jeffrey Schwarz gives us a “What’s-not-to-love” look at the most beautiful woman in the world. (Sydney Film Festival Film Review)

I am Divine is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival. You can get your tickets here. “He took it to a different level. He took it to a level of anarchy.”  John Waters As far as documentaries go – and I’ve seen some very well made documentaries at the Sydney Film Festival – I […]

June 06

Blackfish – Gabriela Cowperthwaite with a “just the facts” look at the dark side of SeaWolrd. (Sydney Film Festival Film Review)

Blackfish is currently showing at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can get tickets here. Gabriela Cowperthwaite is not a film maker activist. She was driven to make Blackfish after the death in 2010 of highly skilled trainer Dawn Brancheau who was killed by the orca Tilikum after one of the shows at Sea World. What […]

June 05

Dragon Girls – Inigo Westmeier and the Kung Fu girls of the Shao Lin. (Sydney Film Festival Film Review)

Dragon Girls is showing at the Sydney Film Festival.  You can get tickets here. Just as the shores of India have always seemed to offer a kind of promise of transcendental new-age enlightenment to those of us who live in countries of excess, so too we have held a fetish of fascination for the rigors […]