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December 16

Women in Film in 2014

  I wrote a comprehensive review of women and/in film for 2014 for The Essential. I’ll list part of it here, and you can check it out by following the links. Read the full article here. It’s been an interesting year for women in film, with no prizes for predicting huge improvements in the margins […]

October 20

Regarding Susan Sontag – Nancy Kates decyphers an icon. (Film Review Antenna Film Festival)

“Like a hyperactive Queen, I cruise culture daily. Have a thrill, a flash of ecstasy several times a week. My appetite is compulsive. Promiscuous.” Susan Sontag. Any story of Susan Sontag can’t help being the story of unfulfilled potential because that was the passionate belief of Sontag herself, that the race hadn’t been run and […]

November 20

Is Genre Fiction Art? Pt 3: Genre as morality and defender of truth.

This post has multiple parts.  For part one, please go here. Before I launch into my defence of the strange suggestion that genre fiction is the defender of truth and morality and therefore the very opposite of what art is meant to be, let me make a quick statement. By genre fiction, I mean fiction […]

November 19

Is Genre Fiction Art? Pt 2: The difference between genre and literary fiction. (Article)

This is a multiple part article. For the first part, which serves as a brief introduction, please go here. In the first part of his discussion, I posed the central question: Is genre fiction art? I mentioned a lot of different points, splattered around as if I had paint-gunned my thoughts onto the blog page. In this […]