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October 26

All My Sons – SUDS takes a fresh look at Arthur Miller. (Theatre Review)

All My Sons Sydney University Dramatic Socitey Find out more about SUDS and All My Son’s here. Arthur Miller was right to question the moral obligations of the individual under capitalist rule. When the law belongs to those who can afford the best defense it behoves the individual and those around him to decide where […]

September 23

The Chairs – SUDS at the Sydney Fringe. (Theatre Review)

The Chairs SUDS at The Sydney Fringe Festival 23 September to 26 September – You can grab tickets here. No fringe festival would be complete without the local university dramatic society giving us a non-Shakespearean classic. It’s surely one of the staples of any fringe festival, and a chance for a classic to be openly¬†experimented […]

August 01

Three Sisters – Anton Chekhov made “now” by SUDS. (Theatre review)

Three Sisters 30 July to 9 August Sydney University Dramatic Society. You can grab tickets here.¬† It is a very interesting thing to see a strong, large cast of exquisitely beautiful young people performing Anton Chekhov’s great existential tragedy, but even more interesting when they’re located in 2014 Sydney as a backdrop against a bitterly […]